What factors you should consider when buying sublimation printer for beginners?


Have you ever had the experience you that you’re working on printing images for a particular project, and your sublimation printer gets stuck? Similar to what occurred to me recently, causing lots of stress because it was the only printer I could use. It’s a bit frustrating that you have to lose the sole machine you have.


The purchase of an under-limation printer is an excellent method to create DIY projects. In addition, if you’re operating a business from home that deals with clothing or other textiles and need to find the top sublimation printer for beginners could prove to be a good decision, as you will be able to make stunning images that can be used for heat printing. Additionally they can be used to transfer stunning images to cloth.

Looking into an under-limation printer is one thing. Stepping into the market to purchase one is entirely different. As a newbie is not a good idea. You don’t have any prior experience with machines and don’t know what factors can make or break an offer. That’s why I’ve created an overview of the aspects that helped me while I was looking to buy an underlimation printer for myself. These factors can narrow the choices and allow you to find the ones that will meet your needs to the max.

Size Of The Printer

The first thing you must consider, if an inexperienced user is the size of the printer. If you require the printer for work and you need to get a bigger size is a good choice. But if you’re buying the printer for personal use, choosing one that has smaller and compact bodies is the best choice. Additionally the printer should be lightweight enough to carry easily.


Print speed is among the main factors to consider when purchasing either a regular or sublimation printer. If we are looking to purchase an printer, the first thing that comes to mind is the speed of printing. Print speed refers to the time interval that begins by pressing OK in the printer’s print window. It is completed when the paper is placed in the tray that is used for output. The speed of printing is typically measured by Print Per Page (PPM) which is a measure of the number of print per minute. The speed of printing varies based on the printing type, which can be black or color and the size of the design document you intend to print.

When purchasing a sublimation printer, it is important to ensure that the print speed is at the top of the list. Here is the speed chart for the Best Sublimation Printers for Beginners.


Size Of The Printed Image

This is another aspect is important to think about prior to making your final purchase. Every model of a sublimation printer uses sheets of various dimensions. So, if seeking to print larger pictures you should choose an option with a larger page size. In the same way, if you’re only printing small images, then an printer that has 6 inches x 4 inches of page is likely to be sufficient for you. The most common size of the paper used by printing with sublimation is 8.5 inches fourteen inches.

Cost Of The Printer

Sublimation printers are not cheap, however, there are some models with the lower cost. If you’re not bothered about the cost of the device choosing an expensive model price tag won’t be a concern for you. If you’re in a budget-conscious position and want a machine that is less costly it is best to opt to models with a reasonable cost. There are several models that are mentioned in the article which won’t price you an arm or leg.

Number Of Sheets Capacity

Another thing that an aspiring printer should examine prior to spending money on printing. Sheet trays are located in the bottom of printers. Each model comes with a distinct capacity for sheets. Choose a model that is larger in capacity, which means you will not have to replenish sheets every couple of use.

Easy Ink Replacement

Each printer with sublimation comes with an ink cartridge that is unique to the brand. This cartridge is filled with ink bottles. Check to see if the ink bottles that are within the Sublimation Printer you are considering buying should be easy to replace. Because beginners aren’t aware of how to operate the machines, it can be frustrating when they need to find out how to open the parts to change out ink bottles. Models with ink bottles that are placed in a convenient place will avoid the hassle of opening every part and then replacing the ink in the printer.

Easy To Use Design

Another crucial aspect to consider on printing machines is the model you select should have an easy and user-friendly design. The printer should feature the design that is simple enough for someone who is not a professional to use. Furthermore the majority of models on the market today come with touchscreens or keys to give instructions on the machine. The keys or touch screen should be located in front of the printer that uses sublimation.

Connectivity Options

This is an important factor which directly impacts the use of sublimation printers. In my experience the feature has had a significant impact. The older, conventional models were only connected by cables or USB. This was not just a hassle because you had to deal through the hassles of cables but also restricted the kind and type of printer that you could connect to.

However there are many manufacturers that have launched models that are equipped with the latest technology and can connect to any device using the internet, USB, and Wifi. Additionally, you can control the sublimation printer with Alexa through commands using your voice. Therefore, ensure that the printer you choose will have multiple methods of connectivity. In particular, it must come with the Wifi connection. In addition, if you can find models that have advanced technologies, like HP’s smart app, for instance HP Smart App, go for it.