What Happens If I Don’t See Any CoolSculpting Results?

What Happens If I Don't See Any CoolSculpting Results
What Happens If I Don't See Any CoolSculpting Results

We’re talking about outcomes today on the blog. After CoolSculpting, not everyone experiences the same results, and not everyone has the proper sort of fat to be a suitable candidate. We’re talking about the warning on every CoolSculpting website you’ve ever come across that says “results and experiences vary.” Let’s get started talking about what to do if CoolSculpting doesn’t seem to be working for you.

What kind of outcomes can you expect with CoolSculpting?

When it comes to what to expect from the CoolSculpting procedure, everyone is different. The fat layer treated with CoolSculpting dubai is reduced by 20-25 percent on average for customers.

But what exactly does that imply? This translates to around 20% reduced fat in a given region, referred to as the treated area. It’s critical to picture the fat you leave behind while thinking about body contouring so you can shape a natural-looking figure that matches your expectations.

CoolSculpting is a tool, similar to scissors in the hands of a hairdresser. Although all hairdressers use scissors, not every haircut is good.

Although all hairdressers use scissors, not every haircut is good. Because CoolSculpting is all we do, we take satisfaction in being devoted to this one technique and practicing our ability every day. It’s not about how much fat we remove; it’s about how much body we leave behind – and whether that body makes our clients ecstatic about their results.

We’d be happy to discuss your objectives and the areas you’re contemplating defining with CoolSculpting so you know what to anticipate.

Here are a few additional reasons why outcomes may differ (and why we encourage scheduling a video session to discuss your objectives and physique in further detail):

It is determined by the sort of fat you possess. The fluffy fat that resides above the muscle wall, properly known as subcutaneous fat, responds well to CoolSculpting.

It is determined by how much touch you have with the cooling panel. The outcomes you’ll see are determined on how the handpieces are set.

It all depends on the problem you’re trying to solve. There are spots that respond better and places that respond worse – and you should know the provider’s viewpoint based on the outcomes they can obtain. In our experience, inner thighs, for example, respond more drastically than upper knees.

It all depends on what you want to achieve. We want to put you in the proper path if you’d be better served by an alternative treatment or technology depending on your desired goal.

It is all up to you. Everyone reacts to cold in various ways, and your response is determined by your metabolism, medical history, and ambitions.

Do you have any further questions concerning the discrepancies you’re seeing in the results? Continue reading.

The outcomes of CoolSculpting study were based on animal trials, and they have stood the test of time. They’re true in our practice, and over 100 peer-reviewed research studies back them up. The study’s findings suggest an average reduction of “20-25 percent on a bell-curve,” which implies that some people respond a bit less, while others respond a little more, but most people fall somewhere in the middle. We trust in CoolSculpting technology and in our CoolSculpting specialized providers, who are well trained.

It is conceivable that CoolSculpting will have no results, however this is uncommon. When we speak with a customer who has had CoolSculpting treatment with another provider and hasn’t noticed a difference, it’s usually due to a lack of knowledge about how to properly position the CoolSculpting handpieces to get optimum contact with the cooling panel. The CoolSculpting machine is merely a tool, and it’s employed by a company that needs to be skilled in order to keep their promises.

Why do CoolSculpting outcomes vary so much?

We feel that CoolSculpting outcomes and experiences vary greatly depending on the practitioner you pick. We know the technique works since CoolSculpting has been FDA approved since 2009.

People aren’t going to keep buying something that doesn’t work. If CoolSculpting didn’t work, we wouldn’t have rave CoolSculpting reviews.

Over 8 million treatments have been conducted worldwide — that’s a lot of confidence in a technology. However, you must recognize that your particular anatomy (as well as your medical history) will have a significant impact on the therapy advice you receive.

You’re more likely to experience better outcomes following CoolSculpting if you’re active and healthy, sweating frequently and eating well. Because the method relies on your lymphatic system to remove the treated fat freezing dubai , this is the case (the fat comes out through urine, sweat, & bowel movements). CoolSculpting is definitely not the best option if you’re sedentary and want to lose weight, but it depends on your objectives. Go ahead and freeze your chin fat if you’re starting a diet and fitness regimen and want to push yourself in the correct way. CoolSculpting as a weight-loss accelerator might be the key to your success.

The value of a consultation cannot be overstated, since results are influenced by a variety of circumstances. That’s why we provide free first consultations to Dallas clients, ensuring you get the expert assistance you need and enjoy the finest experience possible. Our first destination is a virtual meeting with a member of the team. We’ll explain the technique and offer you a CoolSculpting treatment cost with no pressure or judgment.

We wish to assist you no matter where you travel. We obviously want your business, but we also want you to love CoolSculpting and have all of the information you need to make the best decision for you.

Nothing is certain in life, and this therapy is no exception. We stated the bell-curve results before, and we don’t deny that no product or process can be a one-size-fits-all answer. With that in mind, you should preserve your CoolSculpting investment – you’re paying for results, and you should receive them.

If CoolSculpting isn’t working for you, the first thing to consider is whether or not you took before and after pictures. When you look at your body every day, it’s difficult to notice the minor changes. When we hear “I don’t believe CoolSculpting is working,” we use the oldest technique in the book. People frequently suffer from “aesthetic amnesia,” which is when they forget what they looked like three months ago.

That’s where you should start if you haven’t done so already. Hopefully, this clears up the uncertainty around your findings. If you’ve taken images and still don’t see a difference, contact your service provider. It’s an open discussion in which you’re both participating. We believe that if you aren’t satisfied, neither are we, because your results are our reputation.

We stand behind our CoolSculpting procedures at Element Body Lab, and we’ll go through our guarantee, which we call the Body Lab Promise. This safeguards both your CoolSculpting and our investment. It’s not a guarantee that the technology will provide spectacular outcomes for every single person, since that’s impossible.

If you’ve followed our treatment guidelines and still haven’t seen any improvements after CoolSculpting treatments, we’ll give you four months to guarantee you’re not a slower responder to the technique. Then, if there’s still no obvious improvement and you’re within three pounds of your before weight, we’ll treat you again on our expense to be sure it wasn’t a one-time device malfunction or a low responder circumstance. We’ll reimburse you every dollar of profit we’ve made if CoolSculpting doesn’t appear to be working for you and there’s no obvious difference at that time.

Let’s Talk About Fat…

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