Brother Ink Cartridge

Laser printers have been a common choice in the business world for a long time. Brother(r) has been a company which has consistently done an outstanding performance with their monochrome printers specifically, providing an impressive selection of models every year. All Brother laser printers include the black toner cartridge which is equally admired and offers consistently crisp prints and an affordable operating cost. 


Advantages of compatible ink cartridges

For many people, compatible cartridges are a most popular choice. Here are a few pros to take into consideration when purchasing as well as using cartridges compatible with each other.

  • One of the biggest advantages is that the dye-based ink that is pigmented or dye-based dries quickly. This means that you won’t have to deal with spills.
  • Another advantage for compatible inks could be that typically they have more ink. This will result in more pages of print at a lower cost.
  • Another advantage of buying the cheaper items is that they usually have numerous options to choose from in the market. If you purchase a brand name product typically, you will only have one choice for the particular type of printer. This isn’t always the case when buying other alternatives.
  • Compatible cartridges are usually less expensive and can cost up to 50% cheaper than original cartridges. This can save you substantial cash in the long term.
  • The quality of prints is usually not more than that of genuine cartridges. In most cases Compatible cartridges have the same print quality and value as genuine.
  • Compatible cartridges are usually created using refurbished cartridges making them the most eco-friendly alternative. This is something that a lot of enterprises are considering and are currently working to implement.


Meet the Cartridges

In the beginning, let’s talk about our Brother Monochrome Cartridges. Each of the series mentioned has a standard yield as well as a high yield cartridge (we give the standard yield cartridge’s number first, then the high yield counterparts). If you’re not sure what high yield or high capacity refers to, it’s the word used to refer to cartridges with more ink that prints more pages, which means a higher yield per page = high yield. Standard cartridges are fairly full of toner and print less prints than high yield. Printing for once or twice a month can do fine in the cartridges that are less expensive; however, for anything more, it’s better to opt for the higher yield. For instance The standard yield of TN730 has 1200 pages of print while high yield TN760 can print 3,000 pages. highest yield TN760 provides 3000 pages. If you’re seeking a lower-cost alternative, you can consider purchasing a compatible model of this cartridge from the Brother name by LD Products!

Here’s a list of top Brother ink cartridges with a list of printers they are compatible with:

  • Brother TN420 / TN450 Cartridges
  • Brother TN530 / TN560 Cartridges
  • Brother TN540 / TN570 Cartridges
  • Brother TN550 / TN580 Cartridges
  • Brother TN620 / TN650 Cartridges
  • Brother TN630 / TN660 Cartridges
  • Brother TN720 / TN750 Cartridges
  • Brother TN730 / TN760 Cartridges
  • Brother TN820 / TN850 Cartridges


If you are testing compatible cartridges, make sure to use one brand. If they perform well, continue using these cartridges. The reason is that if you are using original toners, your source of toner or mix of toner does not change. This is only the case when the printer’s settings change.

Make sure to verify the warranty of your printer from the manufacturer as they can be canceled should your printer break while making use of compatible cartridges.