What Is a Brand designer?


Before we define a brand designer, we must first define what a brand is. A brand is the intuitive feeling a customer has when they think of your company. Intuitively, the brand designer is anything that helps create that feeling. Thus, any feeling your customers have about your company can be attributed to brand designers.

An example of this would be.

 If a customer bought an item from your online store and is not satisfied, they call customer service and ask for a refund, but your return policy does not apply to items used after three days. The customer ended up feeling cheated and dissatisfied with your company. This whole scenario occurred because of the design of your brand.

From the moment she went to your website, to the link that took her to the page that led to the product she purchased, to the way she was treated when she called the help desk. Essentially, you’ve created that whole experience, that instinctive feeling when a customer thinks of your brand.

As you can see from the example above, the brand designer cannot be quantified as one thing, one project, or one logo. It is a comprehensive process for creating an effective and favorable customer experience that spans across disciplines from logo design to marketing to customer service design.

So how can you ensure you have a positive brand image? I’m glad you asked!

Consider your niche market and really understand everything about them. This could be the colors they like, the places they tend to shop, the social media they prefer. What time of day they are most active. How many children do they have. Are they married or single? What excites them and what discourages them.

With this information about your niche market, the next step is to evaluate your brand’s vision and goals and compare them to your target market to determine if your brand can meet their needs. To ensure an effective brand strategy, you may need to hire one or more brand designers, depending on your needs.

Brand designers are skilled professionals who have the experience and expertise to help you create a personality for your brand. They can be logo designers, graphic designers, web designers, and marketing specialists (offline and online marketers and search engine optimization consultants).

The reason why an effective brand strategy is so important today and needs to be handled quickly and delicately is because of the incredible exchange of information that takes place mainly online. Customer satisfaction is paramount to the success of a brand.