What is a Shrink Sleeve Label , Types & Uses?


Are you looking for a flexible and affordable labelling solution for your product? Shrink sleeve labels have grown in popularity since they were initially introduced in the 1960s across a variety of sectors. Today, businesses like Orianaa are leading the country in the use of cutting-edge technology to produce top-notch shrink sleeve labels.

Shrink sleeves are probably something you’ve seen in regular life even if you’ve never heard of them. Learn more about this form of label, their prospective uses, and the benefits it has to offer. From there, you may decide if this product label is appropriate for your goods.

What Are Shrink Sleeves?

An complete product, such a bottle or can, is effectively heat-wrapped in a shrink sleeve, a special kind of product label. These labels fit the object or container’s shape perfectly and flawlessly. Labels for shrink sleeves are often made of polyester or plastic film.

Shrink Sleeve Types

At Orianaa, we take pride in providing a variety of shrink sleeve label choices to meet your requirements. Several instances include:

  • Full-body shrink sleeves enclose the entire product, including the cap but not always (depending on client specifications).
  • Perforated neck-band sleeves, commonly referred to as tamper-evident sleeves, cover a product’s lid for enhanced security.
  • Partial-body sleeves, sometimes referred to as belly bands, are when the label only covers a piece of the goods.
  • Multi-pack sleeves are belly or body bands that wrap around multiple items to package them for sale.

How Are Shrink Sleeves Used?

Shrink sleeves are applied to a variety of items using specialised machinery. The sleeve is normally placed over the goods, and the label is then seamlessly conformed to the object utilising a heat-shrinking process using steam tunnels.

Modern distortion software that we have access to at Orianaa enables us to create and apply shrink sleeves to any container form, no matter how difficult.

Common Applications of Shrink Sleeves

Although the uses for shrink sleeves are basically limitless, there are a few sectors where this kind of labelling is frequently used.

Food and Drink

Many food and beverage wholesalers are already employing shrink sleeve labels on their products, which include sauces, snacks, beverages, and more. The fact that these labels are tamper-resistant and allow for 360-degree design implementation appeals to them.

Pet Care

Shrink sleeves are increasingly being employed in the pet care business; you can see this kind of labelling on pet products like food containers, snack packets, and pet shampoo/conditioners. Shrink sleeve labels are popular with pet care businesses because they offer tamper-resistance, simple branding, and flexibility to fit any bottle or container.


Shrink sleeve label technology is being used by more nutraceutical businesses to provide eye-catching package designs for items like vitamin/supplement packages, protein powder containers, and similar items.

Personal and Domestic Care

Products like cosmetics that need to be sealed with a tamper-evident label while maintaining an eye-catching and appealing look usually employ shrink sleeve labels. Shrink sleeve labels on some cosmetic goods, including pressed powders, can also aid in preventing the substance itself from shifting or moving about unintentionally.


Cleaners, sealants, and auto fuel additives can all profit from tamper-evident packaging and 360-degree label designs. Measurement windows may also be easily accommodated with this kind of labelling, which is a crucial element in the packaging of many automobile products.

Why You Should Use Shrink Sleeves

Is labelling on a shrink sleeve appropriate for your product? Take a look at a few of the main benefits of employing this kind of label.

Complete Coverage

Shrink sleeves can completely encircle a product, allowing you to increase the amount of labelling space you have available and create a genuinely eye-catching package that will boost sales.

Tamper-Proof Sealing

Your product can be protected from tampering with perforated neck-band sleeves and other shrink sleeve labelling, which gives your customers more assurance and peace of mind when making a purchase.

Outstanding Stability

The appearance of your product won’t be harmed by temperature extremes, excessive humidity, or other adverse conditions because shrink sleeve labels are constructed of tough materials like polyester and plastic film. Additionally, there is no concern about abrasion or ink bleed because designs are often printed on the inside of the sleeve itself.


Customers may simply remove and discard shrink sleeve labels because no glue is needed to affix them. This makes it simpler for your company to play its role in reducing trash.