What Is IVD POCT and How Does It Operate


Today’s healthcare industry is facing the need for improved efficiency, reduced waste, and more streamlined processes. One way of tackling these problems is through IVD POCT. Otherwise known as molecular testing, this powerful new technology enables physicians to use samples to diagnose diseases quickly and safely without having to do any invasive procedures.


By using clinical diagnosis data from human samples, IVD (In Vitro Diagnosis) refers to goods and services that identify illnesses or physical processes outside of the human body (blood, body fluids, and tissue fluids). Additionally, a significant division of in vitro diagnostics is POCT.

What is the POCT procedure?

Point-of-Care testing (POCT) is a technique for identifying medical disorders that can be carried out by medical experts on-site, frequently without the need for a laboratory. IVD POCT can be used to confirm the results of other diagnostic tests or to screen for diseases. They are often quicker and less expensive than lab procedures.

Point-of-care testing is crucial because it makes it possible for medical professionals to diagnose and treat patients more effectively and rapidly. Additionally, it enables them to give the most vulnerable patients greater treatment. Blood, urine, saliva, and tissue samples are just a few of the specimens used in point-of-care tests.

Point-of-care doctors can swiftly and simply check a patient’s blood, urine, or saliva for several illnesses through testing. Normally, the procedure starts with the doctor asking the patient if they would be willing to take part in a test. The patient may be required to submit a sample directly from their body or using a collecting tool, such as a swab, depending on the test. The sample is taken, and then it’s sent to a lab for evaluation.


There is a solid reason why point-of-care testing is becoming more and more popular in the healthcare sector. You can prevent long wait periods and potentially fatal problems by using tests that are sent straight to your doctor’s office or clinic. Do not hesitate to contact Wondfo if you require additional professional information about IVD POCT.