What is Mortgage? Complete Information


What exactly term ‘Mortgage’ means?

Mortgage simply means getting a loan from your trusted bank or any other mortgage lender to buy a property; it can be a home, building, or any other form of real estate. You will be needing to give an upfront amount in the beginning and then throughout some fixed periods, you will be paying back your loan to the bank with some interest rate.

Mortgage process information – simplified

To simply understand the whole process of a mortgage in a nutshell. Let’s begin with how exactly a mortgage process works.

To get a mortgage, first of all, you need to go to a reliable lender. Your application process will be started and you will be evaluated on your credit history, tax returns, current employment status, bank statements, investments statements, and in some cases credit checks will also be checked.

Once approved, you will receive the loan in terms of the amount you requested in addition to the interest rate for a certain time. Once you have your pre-approval process done, you will be in a good spot to buy property.

The last thing in the whole process is the closing. This process both parties’ buyers and sellers to exchange money and sign documents.

Should I go for a fixed-rate or variable mortgage?

Now, this can be tricky for many because when you get money from the mortgage, you agree to pay interest as well while paying back the money you borrowed.

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A fixed-rate mortgage is where the amount of interest you will be paying back to your lender will be the same throughout the whole period of payback. Many people prefer this option to avoid a rise and fall in the interest rate for years to come. However, you might miss out when the rates of interest get low.

Usually, the payback years go from 15 years to 30 years. The lesser the mortgage amount you will be paying the more interest you will be paying as well through all these years. Very less times it happens that someone prefers to go for variable-rate mortgage interest. The reason is the rise in the rate might affect their payback capacity, also a fixed amount gives people stability and peace of mind.

Do you need a mortgage?

The prices to buy a home upfront are way too high. So unless you are super rich or you have thousands of dollars in your pocket, the only way to buy a home is through a mortgage. The mortgage is also called as death plague because it takes years and years until you finally call it your home.

The risky part here is, if you are unable to pay a certain amount, you will be kicked out of the property and it will be resold to someone else.

These are the only option available, however, it’s a tough choice to make. So, if you think you can pay off the debt in the next 15 or 30 years with ease you should go for it. However, if you are doubtful, don’t get yourself into trouble.

Is it easy to get a mortgage?

Well, it’s a very long and detailed process. The application needs to be approved after several steps because mortgage lenders do not wish to make a bad investment. You will be going through a tough underwriting process. From your credit score to your income and debt history to assets – everything will be evaluated before they make a final decision.


Mortgages are a good option if you have always dreamt of having your own home but do not have that certain amount at the moment. However, it comes with its pros and cons.