What is Noetic Therapy
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What is Noetic Therapy: Would you like to significantly reduce anxiety and stress levels, feel more calm and peaceful and gain clarity of perception as well as greater happiness and confidence, boost your energy levels, improve your physical well-being and wake you to your inner peace? This can be achieved by eliminating imbalances in your energy field and aura. The energy blockages manifest as anxiety and stress. Eliminating the blockages will restore the natural flow of energy, resulting in feeling of peace and harmony.

Noetic Field Therapy

When we practice Noetic Therapy, the healing process is focused on the energy first and then images second. The therapeutic attunement is based initially on the energy field, then followed by a focus on the physical and psychological structures. Other therapies start with the issue, then explore their structure and then abstractly determine the cause of the energy flow that is planned. The first step is to identify the energy blockage in the field as it occurs around the physical body. The practitioner can detect these blocks using the inner eye spiritual vision or hands scanning. Through focus and prayer the altered state of mind is manifested which allows the practitioner to address the distortions and blocks directly within the field of energy.

Through this relationship with God the practitioner can help the client experience the process of transformation and balance. Healing occurs through the deconstruction of the beliefs that are blocking the healing process. The therapeutic focus acts as an opening for the flow of the spiritual energy. Utilizing one’s hands or pendulum can help to enhance the therapeutic concentration. This energy flow can help to release blocks and balance the field. Transformation is achieved through the combination of interfering spiritual energies and soul energy, and self-forgiveness. Once the block has been identified and attuned, we investigate the belief structure that is related to it or the complex.

The practitioner helps their clients in changing their perspective, change their perception or let go of the beliefs or judgments that are causing them to be blocked. In addition their therapeutic focus is an avenue to allow spiritual energy to flow (such as the Holy Spirit, chi, as well as spiritual energy like the Holy Spirit) which assists in releasing the blockages and balance that auric field. The block will be cleared since you’re working from the part of you which is defined by your completeness. When distortions are eliminated then the field is again smooth and fluid. There’s no bad energy, it’s just energy dispersed. We’re not the source of the wound, we’re the relation with the injury. Balancing restores energy the right place.

In an aura balance session the term “altered state” occurs in the sense that the time frame shifts as past meets present, as alternate possibilities are made. Due to the intimacy and love that is unconditional the practitioner is able to be the temporary transference of clients strengths as well as weaknesses. Our unconscious can be made conscious through reflection back to us through the drama of life. The energy blocks are created when our feelings provide us with information like anxiety, sadness, anger or loneliness and we set a mental image on it that tells us we’re weak, insignificant or a victim of shame or even guilt-ridden. A structure is constructed and energy gets trapped.

The energy that is trapped represents the insufficient expression of happiness, curiosity or even love. Blocked by conviction, attitude, or judgment the inherently joyful, loving energy manifests as anger, pain, numb or depressed signs. When it comes to Noetic Field Therapy the symptoms indicate the cause, and the cause indicates intent. The symptomatic patterns that are reflected back to us through the metaphors of the mental, physical and emotional images reveal the soul’s intention through reflection.

Techniques like the release, reframing, healing the past and self-forgiveness help bring balance to the energy and expand it to become whole. The decision of the client creates the means for love and understanding that flow through the place of imbalance. These elements cause a change in the underlying injuries and patterns that result in growth and fulfillment of the inner self. The aim is not to analyse but to open up access to the universal energy by focusing on the inner persona and the realization of the person.

Soul expression in the form of a force positive that operates on every levels of unconscious (archetypal) physical, mental imaginative, emotional physical and mental – has a different appearance. Soul as force of spirituality on every level will endure through any form of belief that is that is created by an person. The underlying principle of every negative psychology model is the spiritual soul that is seeking to be realized and fulfilled. On the creative level, it’s creativity and procreation.

On the emotional side, it is a desire and enthusiasm and on the mental level it is inspiration and intuition and at the archetypal level it is aspiration. At the level of the soul, it’s motivation is an exchange and a connection to the universal affection and intelligence from which comes the essence or spark. Souls are a source of love that we share through our thoughts, feelings and touches without the ability to control or claim. It is our ultimate goal to bring all the motivational forces of preservation, creativity and enthusiasm, as well as desire and inspiration, as well as intuition and aspiration back to itself and channel those energies in a completely spiritual manner.

The implications of therapy are clear. If an expression is blocked, there will be discomfort, confusion, or unconsciousness or numbness. It can also be a lack of imagination, or even indifference. When the practitioner or the client is engaging and acknowledging their true motive, it is activated and changes. The sensation may be felt in a variety of ways, including “quaking”, body trembling or a jolt of excitement and a sudden feeling of lightness or freeness. These reactions can range from extremely mild to quite intense. These can be described as those “juices” by which we get our thoughts to act. They can be accessed at any time and used in a variety of ways, or not. It’s our decision.

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“I have yet to meet a single person from our culture, no matter what his or her educational background, IQ, and specific training, who had powerful transpersonal experiences and continues to subscribe to the materialistic monism of Western science.” Albert Einstein Albert Einstein