What Is Normal Humidity In A House?

What Is Normal Humidity In A House

Humidity is one of the substantial aspects of the house’s indoor climate control that is often neglected. Therefore, it may become a significant source of discomfort that people usually experience during the extreme hot and cold seasons. No matter how often you have maintained the ideal room temperature, the humidity will damper your overall comfort. Sometimes the humidity makes the heat feel worse, enabling one to feel lethargic, irritable, and unwell. On the contrary, some people think the moisture is hot, sticky, and heavy. During the winters, people start calling the experts in heating repair in Sacramento to make their houses cozy. Apart from all these things, have you ever paid attention to the humidity levels that are also dropping low? This entire process moves vice-versa in the summer season when the humidity level exceeds too high.

But you don’t have to think much, as we have got you covered with everything you need to know about indoor humidity. After reading this blog, you will be aware of how you can maintain the ideal humidity level in the house and what you have to do for that.

Ideal Temperature of Indoor Humidity in Winter and Summer

Humidity refers to the concentration of water vapors in the atmosphere. Its moisturization amount varies as per the season, place, or area you live in and climatic conditions. The accurate answer to the humidity level depends on several factors, such as season, clothes you wear, and the comfortability level of your family. If we talk about the optimal indoor humidity, it must be anywhere between 30%-50%. But too high and too low humidity levels can create severe problems. Hence, it is imperative to maintain a balanced indoor humidity level.

For Winter Season: 30%-40% is ideal for the winter season. Also, replacing the old water heater can help maintain the perfect temperature, as it will create much less moisture in the bathroom. For effective results, you can think of a new water heater installation in Sacramento from experienced specialists.

For Summer Season: The ideal range must be between 40%-50%. Moreover, it is advisable to keep the temperature below 50% to minimize the growth of bacteria and mold in your home.

Cons of having high and low humidity levels

As we all know, excess in everything or beyond limits is always harmful. Thus, having too high and low humidity levels has its demerits necessary to understand.

Demerits Of Low Humidity:

  • Excessive low humidity leads to dryness and irritation, causing inflammation in the nasal passage and throat.
  • Vulnerable to cold and infection
  • Damage or cause fine cracks in the wooden furniture
  • Eyes tend to be drier and feel irritated due to low humidity level

Demerits Of High Humidity:

  • Lack of ventilation resulting in discomfort
  • Rapid growth of mold and bacteria
  • Uncomfortable sleeping
  • People suffering from asthma or allergies may experience worsening symptoms
  • High amount of water vapor causes respiratory problems
  • Condensation on walls, furniture, and windows

How To Check Indoor Humidity

The most feasible way to check the humidity level in your house is by using a hygrometer. It is a tool used for monitoring the humidity level. You have to place the device in the area you want to test and follow the guidelines. It will show you the humidity level in percentage.

How To Maintain Indoor Humidity?

By following some proven methods, you can control and maintain the optimum level of humidity in the house. Here we go:

Install Humidifier: Using a humidifier, you can diffuse the humidity in the air during the winter season. But, in the summer, when the moisture is naturally present, you can safely store away the humidifier for the winter months.

Install Exhaust Fans: The exhaust fans play a vital role in lowering the humidity levels. Moreover, you can think of replacing your old air conditioner with a new air conditioning installation in Sacramento, as they come with automatic humidity adjustments. It will help in balancing the humidity level during the summer season.

Grow Houseplants: Greenery is the ultimate solution to all medical problems. Here, also you can balance the indoor humidity level by keeping them inside.

Replace Your Carpets: Indeed, you haven’t thought of replacing your carpets. But, in reality, it creates much more harm than most people realize. Hence, replacing the rugs will be more beneficial and worthwhile in lowering the humidity level.

Apart from these methods, there are numerous others that you can try to lower or increase the indoor humidity level.