How can I build an OCR scanner application using mobile app developers?

OCR scanner app
OCR scanner app

If you are looking to improve character recognition or the OCR scanner app, you need to know where you are going. Here you will learn all that is involved in building such a mobile system.

With the advent of the next digital thunderstorm, the whole world has undergone significant changes. Strange tasks that required a lot of paperwork are now easier because one can easily share scanned documents. Like everything else, there is an app designed by top software development companies in the USA for scanning purposes called OCR scanner app or Optical Character Recognition.

The existence of such an app allows people to turn their smartphones into document scanners. With this technology, you can convert scanned documents using the device’s camera or album stored in the phone memory into text information. This scanner can be a very useful tool, but only if it is developed by the best mobile app developers.

This application uses Artificial Intelligence or AI capabilities to do the same. Converts images into text and text into printable print formats that you can save using Notepad for your computer or MS Word. A few OCR scanner app solutions are available these days designed by top software development companies in the USA that you can use to convert credit, documents, warranty cards, etc.

You can also convert hard copies of various pieces of information into digital copies. So, what do you need to know about creating such an application? What are the costs and benefits of investing in an OCR scanner app? What features do you need for your app development agency to integrate? You will find the answers to all these questions in this article.


You already have an OCR idea, but a detailed description from Custom Software Development experts will help you better. OCR scanner app or Optical Character Recognition refers to the process of automatically detecting signs and characters in pictures. These applications prioritize names and numbers, and these applications utilize the power of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology used by leading mobile development software agencies.

After identifying the text in the image, you can do the following.

  • Save it to your device
  • Process or edit
  • Translate information into other languages

The popularity of smartphones combined with advanced cameras has led to the proliferation of this particular type of technology. Top firms for developing mobile applications also contribute to the popularity of these applications.

Businesses need it

Business owners often hire mobile application developers to build OCR scanner apps for organizational purposes. After all, it has the power to change the way people share documents and handle document tasks. If you are a business owner, and if you stay deep in the papers on a daily basis, you will benefit more than you can imagine from an OCR scanner app.

You can save time for other important business activities. Thanks to technological advances achieved by the top software development companies in the USA today, people are always looking for a more sophisticated system. For example, most people will confirm an AI-enabled application that can convert speech into text.

These people tend to ignore the capabilities of the OCR app and everything it brings to the table. You can easily find many OCR applications and computer software programs designed for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows. However, if you choose to do your own business with the help of mobile app developers, you will put yourself ahead of your competitors.

“With OCR, businesses can look up numbers, names, addresses, and other parameters that separate the document they are searching for.”


With the growth of businesses investing in mobile app development to keep their business operations running smoothly, the availability of scanning solutions for mobile devices has become a necessity.

According to market researchers and the leading mobile app development agency, the global photography industry will grow to 155 billion and will also enjoy a combined annual growth rate of 15%. Most business owners who use the OCR scanner app do so because of the benefits they have to offer.

Production development

OCR is not paper-centric. Understandably, this feature added by top software development companies in the USA allows for increased staff morale and added comfort to the workplace.

Customer service development

Once you start using OCR applications, you can improve the quality of customer service you provide to users. Customer service representatives can access information temporarily using OCR technology to provide relevant solutions to your customers.

Improved cost-effectiveness

OCR apps designed by the best mobile app developers help improve your business performance by reducing processing costs and allowing you to manage your resources more easily.

Most of the time saved

If you compare OCR scanner app designed by the leading application development agency with conventional methods, you will see how they can reduce the time you would spend on processing various tasks in person. Access to digital versions of various copies of files makes your homework easier and more time-consuming.

Features of OCR applications

When it comes to the features of the OCR scanner app developed by the top software development companies in the USA that they must have in order to be effective, you need to divide it into two categories. The first section will include features that are specific to users, and the second section will include features that are required by administrators. Make sure the developers of your mobile application create the following.

User features

  • Subscribing – Users should subscribe to this feature by adding their email ID and a few other details they will not bother to share. They should also have the opportunity to use their social media accounts intentionally.
  • Login – Once the registration part is complete, users need to be able to sign in to use the app.
  • Converting document formats – Users should be able to convert various document formats into texts, images, or PDFs. An app designed by the mobile application development agency should allow them to scan different papers using their phones, tablets, or laptops.
  • Profile Management – After completing the registration process, the user becomes a member of the app. Naturally, they should have the opportunity to manage their account information and password.
  • Documents with many formats – Users of applications designed by high-performance firms to develop mobile applications should be able to save their documents in any format they want.
  • Multi-page text – This feature will allow users to scan multiple pages and convert the same at the same time.
  • Converting documents into text files – This app feature created by the mobile application development agency will allow users to convert any text format into text using document scanner applications, book scanner applications, photo scanner applications, or receiver scanner solutions. Once the conversion process is complete, the user should be able to manage the text.
  • Receiving files in real-time – You need to add this feature to your OCR. When a user scans the document, the app should be able to retrieve it in real-time and perform action based on user activity.
  • Multilingualism – OCR applications developed by top firms to develop mobile applications must be able to convert documents into the language of the user’s choice. The app should provide a list of different languages ​​in which the user can choose the one they like.
  • Filter Usage – Once the scanning and upload features are complete, the user should be able to apply filters to documents, such as brightness, colors, and other visual effects.
  • Different output formats – After selecting a language, editing a document, and uploading it, the user may want to select the format of the garment in which they need the file.
  • Storage and management – Users should be able to save the converted files to applications and should be able to perform various actions on the archived files.
  • Document sharing – The only way to make your application suitable for integrating this feature into your OCR application, among others. Don’t forget to remind your Mobile app developers about adding notification systems, either.

Manager features

  • Login – This feature will allow the admin to log in to the app.
  • Dashboard – With this feature, the administrator will be able to monitor and manage users, and maintain tabs in the most selected languages, documents, most used formats, and document conversion.
  • Language management – This feature created by advanced mobile application development firms allows the administrator to manage user-documented languages ​​during conversion.
  • User Management – The administrator should have a user management feature with every piece of information associated with each user.
  • Conversion View – This feature allows the administrator to check and control the conversion of files. Provides records containing data related to translated texts.
  • Document sharing management – A sharing program designed by top firms to develop mobile applications helps the administrator monitor users who can share the required data and content in the app.
  • Reporting and Analysis – Real-time statistics and reporting systems designed by mobile application developers allow users to generate application performance reports, document conversion, and widely used formats.

Development costs

You have to hire mobile app developers to build OCR scanner apps, and the cost of development depends on a few factors. The first is the technical stack you want to use. Otherwise, the cost will depend on the features you hope to incorporate. Building a simple OCR system for iOS or Android with basic features, a high-quality UX design, and pure navigation will cost you about $ 5,000 to $ 7,000.

For additional functionality and features, it could be $ 30,000.

Final words

However, you already have it – a comprehensive guide to building an OCR scanner app powered by Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. However, you should look for high-end firms to develop mobile applications, such as Moon Technolabs.

The mobile app developers of such an organization will identify your business needs and specific needs in detail before they start building. If you have any questions, you should contact the agency.

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