These step deck truck are used to transport cargo that is too tall for flatbed trailers. With a step deck, you can move loads that would be too tall for traditional dry vans without the need for an oversize permit.

The main use of step deck truck is to transport cargo that is too tall for flatbed trailers.

There are many different types of cargo that need to be transported, but some freight can’t fit inside a dry van or a flatbed trailer. These types of shipments require step deck truck to haul them.

A step deck truck is a type of semi-trailer that has two deck levels. The lower deck is typically closer to the ground and can handle loads up to 10 feet high. The upper deck clears the tractor axles, but it can also drop down when transporting taller loads.

These trailers are often used for specialized freight shipping, but they can also be used for general cargo and heavy equipment. They are versatile and easy to load and unload, which makes them a great choice for transporting various kinds of cargo.

Step deck trailers can be made from either steel or aluminium, depending on the needs of the customer. They are generally a little heavier than standard flatbed trailers and can handle higher payloads.

They are often used for specialized freight shipping, so they can be a good option for companies that need to ship oversized items. They are easier to load and unload with forklifts, and they can accommodate a wider range of freight.

When using a step deck trailer, it is important to secure the cargo properly. This is a vital safety precaution that will reduce the risk of accidents and injuries caused by falling cargo. To ensure that your load is secure, attach chains to four points on the cargo and use a tie-down anchor system.

In addition, it is a good idea to inspect the cargo once it is loaded. If there is any loose gravel, for example, it could fall off and damage other vehicles or a road.

It is important to secure the cargo properly when using a step deck trailer, so it will not fall off of the truck. This is especially important if you are hauling heavy machinery or construction equipment.

In addition, it is a good idea for the driver to inspect the trailer and the load after they have loaded them. If there are any loose gravels on the load, they can fall off and cause damages to other vehicles or even injuries. This is a common hazard in the trucking industry, so it’s a good idea to take steps to prevent it from occurring.

It is easy to load and unload

A step deck truck is a type of flatbed trailer that allows for shipments that are too tall to be transported on a standard flatbed. This type of trailer can be used to transport cargo that is oversized, such as machinery and agricultural materials. It can also be used to transport loads that are too heavy for flatbeds.

Unlike conventional flatbed trailers, step deck trucks have two different levels on the deck, allowing for higher loads that can’t be placed on a traditional flatbed. This makes it easier for a driver to load and unload the cargo.

Another advantage of step deck trucks is that they’re lower to the ground than other types of trailers. This reduces the amount of lowering and lifting that needs to be done during cargo loading and unloading, which can improve forklift safety and efficiency.

This is especially helpful if you’re transporting tall freight, such as a construction crane or industrial machinery. The low height of the step deck trailer allows these items to be shipped without requiring special permits or escorts.

The other reason that step deck truck is popular is because it can be adapted to haul a wide range of commodities. For example, there are load levelers that can extend the length of the top deck so that longer cargo can be hauled on this type of trailer. There are also coil racks that can be added to the bottom deck to keep steel coils in place while shipping them.

It’s important to remember that a step deck is an open trailer, which means that your freight can be exposed to the weather and road debris. However, a tarp can help protect your goods from this danger.

A step deck can also be adapted for the transport of hazardous materials by adding a special load bar that can protect your shipment from the elements. This can be especially beneficial for chemicals, pharmaceuticals, and other substances that are sensitive to the weather.

A step deck truck is a great option for any company that ships a large number of oversized items. If you’re not sure whether this type of trailer is right for your business, contact a trucking company to discuss your transportation needs. They can provide you with a free freight quote to determine whether this is the best option for your business.

It is easy to maneuver

There are many benefits to using a step deck truck to transport cargo. The first big advantage is that they are easier to maneuver than flatbed trailers. This makes them ideal for loading and unloading heavy loads. Additionally, they can handle loads up to 41 inches higher than a standard flatbed trailer, which can help you save on freight transportation costs.

Another big benefit is that they are easier for forklifts to maneuver, which can make the loading and unloading process much more efficient. This is especially helpful when transporting construction and farm equipment. Moreover, forklifts don’t have to lift their forks as high, which can increase safety and reduce fatigue levels among operators.

Some step deck trailers also come with a removable gooseneck, which allows larger-wheeled equipment to drive up on the trailer itself. This is a great option for hauling heavy tractors, machinery, and vehicles that are too tall to go in a dry van.

If you’re an owner-operator, you might have a lot of different specialty loads that you need to ship. Having the right trailer for your loads can help you get more loads, and it can also help you make more money.

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It is easy to maintain

Unlike standard flatbed trailers that can only accommodate a single cargo load, step deck trailers are designed to carry more than one container. They have two deck levels and a ramp that extends through the back of the trailer, giving them extra flexibility when hauling heavy or difficult loads.

Besides being easy to maneuver, step deck trailers are also easy to maintain. A good maintenance program will keep your rig running smoothly and make sure it is properly inspected. The best part is, a well-maintained step deck truck is also more cost-effective to operate than a standard flatbed model.

The most impressive aspect of a step deck trailer is its dual decks, which can accommodate a wide variety of freight. The DOT requires that you verify the dimensions of your load before transporting it, so be sure to pay close attention to weight, height, width and length before you hit the road. It can be difficult to find the right size cargo for a step deck trailer, so make sure you are using the most suitable and durable options available. The best way to do this is by talking to an experienced transportation expert before you start your run.