What Kind of Benefits Come from Hiring a Virtual Assistant for a Law Firm?


If you own a law firm that is achieving massive growth you are likely to have asked yourself this very question. As a law firm owner, you may be aware of the fact that this business is much more than fancy business meetings with corporate clients or court appearances. It tends to come with a humongous amount of clerical work that can be time-consuming for the owner and can divert their focus from core tasks of the business. A law firm virtual assistant is someone you can trust with and delegate these non-core tasks to and focus your energies on key issues.

A virtual assistant for lawyers can provide much more value to the business than just completing assigned tasks. The presence of a law firm virtual assistant improves the overall performance of the firm by providing customer service and maintaining important files. Some of the key benefits of hiring a law firm virtual assistant are:

Time Saving:

As business for a law firm grows, the amount of clerical work and documentation grows with it. Law firm owners face a staggering number of tasks that are essential to the firm’s survival but seem non-productive for the owner. A law firm virtual assistant will save valuable time of the law firm owner by performing these tasks efficiently.

Cost Saving:

Hiring a virtual assistant for law firms is much more cost effective in comparison to hiring a paralegal locally. A law firm virtual assistant will cost you less by:

    1. Using fewer infrastructure.
    2. Using fewer resources.

Not making you liable for employee benefits.hiring a Virtual Assistant Enhanced Legal Services:

By freeing up the owner’s time a lawyer’s virtual assistant in turn leads to the legal services of the firm being enhanced as the lawyer himself is focused more on legal proceedings rather than non-core tasks. A law firm virtual assistant can take over tasks that the owner previously performed such as:

    1. Client Information gathering.
    2. Client Documentation.
    3. Updates and follow-ups with the client regarding their case.
    4. Notifying clients of any developments in their case.

A bilingual law firm virtual assistant can help the firm grow their customer base to Spanish speaking clients and be an attractive option for them to handle immigration cases.

Improved Customer Service:

A satisfied customer base is essential for the growth of any law firm. Customers mostly become disgruntled by the lack of timely response by law firms on their queries. A law firm virtual assistant will help your firm provide better customer service to your clients and ensure that they feel heard and responded to on time.

Having a bilingual virtual assistant for your law firm will have a positive impact on your relationship with your Spanish speaking customer base as they will be able to easily communicate their concerns and have them addressed.

Expansion into the virtual law firm’s business:

Businesses that previously required a physical presence have now evolved into existing virtually. Law firms are a prime example of such businesses. Many clients choose to have their legal consultancies provided to them online rather than visiting their lawyer’s offices. A virtual assistant for your law firm will help you transition into this business as they are known to be experts of managing online presence and handling websites.

Maintaining a social media presence:

Having a good social media presence is key for any business in recent times. Many clients are connected with lawyers through social media like LinkedIn. A law firm virtual assistant will help you maintain a social media presence that will attract potential clients and lead to business growth.

Better Work/Life balance: 

The most important of benefit of hiring a virtual assistant is reducing the impact that the growth of your business has on your personal and family life. Many solo practitioners and small law firms dedicate almost all hours of the day to their work and sometimes ignore their personal life. This can cause a strain on their mental and physical health. Delegating time-consuming tasks to a virtual assistant will lead you to focus valuable time on your personal life and relax.

hiring a Virtual Assistant

A virtual assistant for your law firm is by far the best option to help you grow as a business. Hiring through our website will save you the time and hassle of going through various interviews and screening a list of candidates.