What Kind of Drawing Toys Are Best for My Kid?

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Are you looking to encourage your child’s imaginative power with drawing and painting? If so, you’ll want to ensure you get them suitable toys. But how do you know which ones are best for your particular child?

First of all, take a look at the age of your kid. There are toys produced explicitly for specific age groups, so it pays to get age-appropriate products. A five-year-old won’t need the same type of toy as a ten-year-old!

Secondly, ensure that there aren’t any materials in the toys that might cause allergies or skin reactions. Here’s where reviews from other parents come in handy. You can choose children’s art sets wisely with optimal care.

And lastly, look for drawing toys designed to be easy to use and understand. If your kid is starting in the art world, they don’t need overly complicated pieces!

The Importance of Checking for Allergies Before Buying Toys

Before you purchase any drawing toys for your children, it’s essential to check that there aren’t any allergies transformed from these supplies. A few materials in some drawing toys can cause allergies in some people. Make sure the toys you get for your kids are free from the potential of causing an allergy.

You can also check for materials that are non-toxic since kids could be tempted to put things in their mouths. There may be instructions from the manufacturer on how to make sure the toy is safe, so take a look at these before making a purchase.

It’s also important to look at your kid’s age before buying these drawing toys, as there will be age restrictions on certain items. After all, you don’t want to buy something your child won’t be able to use yet because they’re not old enough! And when choosing items like pens and pencils, try to pick those that are easy to use—it makes the whole experience more enjoyable!

Recommendations for Suitable Drawing Toys According to Age

When choosing drawing toys for your kids, it’s essential to bear in mind the age of your kids. Little ones may need something more straightforward, while older kids may require something more complex. Here are some recommendations on what drawing  toys to get according to age:

Ages 3 – 5

Simple art sets with crayons or washable markers are best for children in the 3-5 age group. A cardboard colouring book would be ideal, too, with easy-to-colour images and thick lines so that these little ones can quickly draw within the lines. If you wish to introduce them to paint, get small paint sets with a variety of colours prepared for them. For safety reasons, ensure all materials are non-toxic and washable.

Ages 6 – 10

Children in this age group can start exploring with more sketching tools such as markers and pencils of fine points for precision drawing. Colour pencils are also a great choice at this stage since they can create more detailed works without having colour leak through the paper like markers do when pressed too hard on them. Watercolour paint is an ideal medium for those who love painting since it is non-permanent and allows room for experimentation and mistake-making.

Ages 10+

Much like adults, children over 10 years old will benefit from a comprehensive set of art supplies such as watercolours, oil pastels, acrylic paints and coloured inks to stimulate their young artistic minds and show off their skill sets.

When it comes to choosing the best art set for kids, you should look for ones that will help them develop their imagination and creativity. You can also find age-appropriate drawing sets with different shapes and colours. It’s essential to not just rely on the boxes but also look for something that will engage your children in hours of imaginative play.


Another critical aspect to consider when buying drawing supplies is allergies. Since some supplies might contain allergens, it’s best to check the labels and do a bit of research about the materials. That way, you’ll be sure your kids won’t have any adverse reactions to the products you choose.

Age Appropriate Toys

When selecting an art set or supplies, make sure they are also age-appropriate. Buying a more extensive set of supplies can be tempting, but it must make sense for your kids. If they will be able to use many of the materials in the set, then it’s not worth investing in them.


Buying materials or a set with colourful pieces is suitable, but remember to check if they are easy enough for your children to manage too! Having too advanced tools could prevent your children from experimenting further with art and drawing toys.