What Questions You Should Ask CSR Consulting Services Before Hiring?


In modern times, consumers expect an element of transparency from business organizations. At the same time, companies must embrace corporate social responsibility programs. At this juncture, a question arises — Is sustainability mapping possible with your company’s strategy?

Questions you need to ask

In the market, you will come across renowned service providers offering assistance to companies for navigating the landscape of business objectives and social impact. Infuse corporate social responsibility into your regular business operations with the help of CSR Consulting Services.

1) Do you have several years of experience in this line of work?

Do not be shy in asking this question to the members of the professional firm. A renowned company will have a team of experts with several years of experience in this field. On the other hand, a start-up company may have several team members with relatively less experience. Find out from them if they have served in industries with whom you are closely associated. With the support of CSR Consultants In Delhi solve all your operational problems in ethical ways.

2) Can you provide an example where you have implemented a CSR program successfully?

A competent company would be willing to share prior cases that involved integrating social and environmental factors into modern-day business practices. The program should be able to minimize the carbon footprint of the company. Ask them if they have faced opposition in the initial phase from the members of the task force.

3) How do you determine the social impacts of a company’s activities?

Companies may apply a multi-step approach. After conducting an in-depth research of the company’s operations the areas of impact are identified. Frameworks are utilized for obtaining a detailed understanding. On top of that relevant data is collected and analysed regarding community feedback and consumption of energy. All these measures help in the quantification of impacts and detection of improvement opportunities.

4) What steps do you take to measure the efficacy of these programs?

Measuring the efficacy of CSR programs is necessary for their success. A unique blending of qualitative and quantitative metrics is used to attain this goal. Assessment of the program’s effectiveness is possible by reporting regularly.

On a concluding note

Use the online resources to conduct an intensive study about companies specializing in corporate social responsibility. The company must have a solid reputation in the market.

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