What skills are Needed to be an Azure Developer?

What skills are Needed to be an Azure Developer?

What skills are needed to be an Azure developer?

To become a successful Azure Developer, you need to sharpen some of the must-have skills that will ease the process of app and web development on the cloud. While you’re developing an application in the cloud, you should possess a different skill set. Similarly, while you are developing the applications on-premises, you need different kinds of skills. Because the cloud provides global scale and resiliency, as well as numerous services and features that is almost non-existent with on-premises,

To help you with the best outcome in creating applications on the cloud, you should develop some of the basic skills that will prepare you to be a proficient Azure developer.

Azure requires certain skills.

Skills to develop for unpredictability:

While developing an application, unpredictability tends to happen. It may be related to a downed server or some technical errors, or heavy workload causing the application to face downtime for some time, etc. All such things are common in application development or runtime. Thus, developers should be proactive in their endeavors and learn the skills that help them handle the unpredictable behavior shown by the app on a timely basis.

Skills to develop with cost in mind:

Developers while developing an application for the cloud should be mindful of what features and services they are using in the development process. Most of the time, the cloud charges for the services that are being used, while sometimes, some services run without any notification and can affect the cost of the application too. Thus, while developing the apps, be aware of the CPU cycles, memory, storage, and bandwidth.

Skills needed to scale your applications:

Learn the skills required to scale your applications over the cloud. However, the cloud makes it easy to scale your applications up, down, in and out, and you can also scale your app and increase the amount of scale out. Azure can help in scaling the application on a global level. Azure services are meant to let users use the high-performance application instance to scale their own applications. Developers should learn the skill and progress well in their career.

Learn to scale your data:

Merely learning how to scale your applications will not be sufficient. You must improve your ability to scale your data. This includes thoughts as to where the data will be stored; how to get the best data, excluding the ones that can affect performance; and how to deal with transactional consistency. You can learn about Azure Cosmos DB services that enable you to choose the level of transactional consistency and help in scaling the data as per the requirements.

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Learn up how to maintain resiliency:

Cloud is built for resiliency i.e. it helps in keeping your application running. Despite the server dies, the cloud uses some mechanism that will take care of the application running. You need to learn the skills that help the cloud in doing so.

While creating application on the cloud such as Azure, you need to develop the above skills and also focus on building the things that matter for the application. Cloud is there to support you in every possible way and you have to make everything work for you in every condition with your skills.