What to Do With Anything You Don’t Want


It is very important that you are adopting the right way to dispose of the stuff which is not in need anymore. For example, people ask questions like how to dispose of orbeez and related matters. Well, every type of stuff needs a different procedure and way to dispose it safely and so is the case with orbeez too. So here is a complete guide that will assist you properly to dispose of unwanted stuff without harming the environment and ecosystem.

Should we adopt a way to dispose the unwanted stuff?

It is worth noticing that disposing off unwanted stuff in the best manner is crucial to protect the environment from pollution. Many of us often forget to follow the norms of disposing off unwanted things which cause hurdles to the natural ecosystem. In order to preserve the atmosphere, soil and ecosystem it is crucial to take care of best disposal methods for unwanted stuff.

Some do’s and don’ts to disposes off unwanted stuff carefully

Here are some do’s and don’ts that will guide you to dispose of the unwanted stuff carefully. That is how you ensure to contribute your role in keeping the environment free from pollution and maintaining the balance in the ecosystem. Have a look at these points below carefully to dispose of the unwanted trash.


  1. Figure out the degradable or non-degradable nature

The first thing that we count in this category is to segregate the stuff in two sections. Bio-degradable that can be degraded by microorganism naturally and non-biodegradable which cannot degrade on any ground. This separation will help you to dispose of the unwanted content in wiser way. Sometimes we do not bother to separate the two types of trash and it results in polluting our mother earth in different forms like soil pollution, air pollution etc.

  1. Make a big pit and pour organic dispose

The separated organic matter should go to a pit that you have made in the soil. You can easily make a pit which can be a feet or two deep to ensure that it is degraded by the microorganism properly. If you will observe and follow the degradation it can lasts few months to decompose it properly into soil. This is the safest way to dispose of organic matter that one can adopt to.

  1. Inorganic dispose can be sent to recycle

The left out inorganic matter with you can be used for recycling purpose as we can see most of inorganic stuff is recycled again and again. It is our duty to give our best efforts to ensure the protection of environment. So if you are to dispose unwanted trash then make sure that you are disposing the non-degradable matter by sending it for the purpose of recycling it. Do give it to the person visit you for collecting the non-degradable trash from you.


  1. Do not litter it in water streams

The first don’t that you need to follow is that do not litter the trash in water. Even if it is degradable trash still spilling it in the water streams is not an option. Such matters can block the path of fresh water streams as it takes months for their composition. So do not involve yourself in such types of pursuit.

  1. Don’t burn the disposes

The next thing that you need to consider is that do not burn the organic or inorganic dispose in open or restricted area even. Their combustion will bring a lot of smoke which is full of harmful chemicals. This can hamper the air quality of the area causing problems to people to breathe. So burning the trash is not an option again that you can adopt to dispose of the unwanted stuff.

  1. Don’t through it openly

The last thing that you need to take into account is do not through the garbage openly as this is the biggest blunder you can do to dispose it off. Make sure that you are putting it to the trash bin meant for it that you give to the sweeper regularly. Maintain a separate account of organic and inorganic matter and then give it to the person for its best disposal.


So this is the right way that one can adopt to dispose of the matter which is no needed anymore. People too often trash such things in water streams and throw them openly too. This is very bad when it comes to pick the concern of saving our environment. Too many awareness programmes are also running to make people aware of the harms associated with trashing the unwanted stuff openly and inappropriately. So make sure that you are keeping the above dos and don’ts in your mind when it comes to dispose of the garbage next time.