What You Need to Know About Direct Lending


Borrowing money from people is never anyone’s dream. But, sometimes, it is unavoidable. You may be in a tight financial situation because your paycheck hasn’t arrived, you need to expand your business, the capital isn’t enough, or you have a new project that needs financing.

Some of these reasons make people look for loans to solve this problem. Most people find it hard to go to a bank to get a loan. It is a strenuous and unrewarding plan for them because of their credit history or the lack of a concrete repayment plan.

But, with a direct lender, getting the loan a person need is easier to solve their needs. Direct lenders or brokers like Payday Loans UK have websites that make direct lending easy for those interested in borrowing while receiving a flexible contract from the lender.

Payday Loans UK

Before reaching out to Payday Loans UK, ensure you are above the legal age to access the loan. Additionally, residing in the UK at the time of application is essential. They are particular about knowing that your address is valid, so you must not use a fake address.

Also, you must be either employed or self-employed. Being employed assures lenders that you have a source of income and can repay their loans. Also, to increase your eligibility, ensure that you are not bankrupt because that may make them reconsider.

After you meet all the criteria discussed above and reach out to Payday Loans UK, they will help you access a direct lender after you fill out the loan application form and qualify. 

So, how advantageous and harmful is it to pick a direct lender over Banks? This article will talk about that. 

Benefits of choosing a direct lender

Getting loans from a direct lender is seen as very beneficial these days because you will be dealing directly with the person or loan lender you are borrowing from. Other benefits include:

It is a better alternative to banks.

People and small business owners prefer reaching out to direct lenders because it is a better alternative to traditional lenders.


Here, you don’t need any middle man to work with while receiving the loan from the lender. Additionally, worrying about your credit history is fruitless because that is what most banks consider.

It is possible to reach out to a direct lender and get loans because they are not bothered about your credit history but your ability to repay them what you owe.

So, assuming you are in financial difficulty or a small business owner looking for money to grow your business to new heights or get new equipment to facilitate the smooth running of your business, it is good to pick a direct lender.

They give out loans easily.

Banks do their due diligence when giving out loans to individuals or businesses is concerned, making them reject more applications instead of accepting them.

It is easier for you to get loans when you contact a direct lender like Payday Loans UK. It is completely hassle-free, and you get the loans on time.

Easy access to a loan

Most people do that when it comes to loans because they need to expand their business. Others do it because their salary hasn’t arrived, and they want payday loans direct lenders UK. 

Whatever the reason, when you are strung in your finances and need to get a loan, the borrower often needs accessible and faster access to the loan. 

Most direct lenders have their websites, making it easy for borrowers to contact them. Payday Loans UK also has theirs.

To apply for the loan, you must first fill out an application. The organization then examines and accepts the application. When you qualify, the loan is deposited into your bank account. Within a day or two, locate the loan the lender deposited. The entire procedure is simple and beautiful.

Direct lenders can not change terms.

Depending on the financial hardship you are experiencing, the bank offers you tight terms and circumstances frequently unfavorable if you borrow money from them. When you obtain a loan directly from a lender, it is different.

Direct lenders offer flexible terms and conditions that match your situation or needs. Loans have different repayment plans or guidelines that are made aware to someone intending to borrow to facilitate the decision.

Disadvantages of choosing a direct lender

Though borrowing money from a direct lender can benefit you. It still has disadvantages.

You spend time doing research.

There are several direct lenders available both on the internet and offline, and it can be difficult for you to choose which one to pick when you want a loan.

So, you must spend a reasonable amount of time researching which loan option will fit you with your repayment plan. However, some borrowers look online for reviews to facilitate this step. 

Difficulty in comparing rates

Direct lenders have different loan repayment plans that interest a borrower. Their conditions and terms are also different.

However, it will probably be difficult for you to compare rates with those of various money lenders, given the various interest rates offered with loans.

In this situation, using a broker instead of directly contacting the lender seems better because the broker will compare the rates for you, bring you the best rates available and help you choose easily.

Lack of trust

Some lenders don’t have a track record to prove they are unique and the best. Some don’t even add their customers’ reviews to help you choose faster.

Even in money lending, trust is the lifeblood of a company. It is challenging for prospective borrowers to choose when there is nothing to convince them that a direct lender’s services are exceptional and that they won’t try to change the conditions of the loan agreement.

Final thoughts

Before settling on any lender, researching and finding out how they operate and not just what they have made people see on their website is necessary. It’s also better to stick with a loan you can quickly repay.