What You Need to Know About End of Lease Cleaning Melbourne


Moving to a new home can be a stressful experience. But it can be even more difficult if you have to meet your landlord’s demands for end of lease cleaning melbourne. It’s important to have a pristine end of lease house clean that will pass the final inspection and guarantee your bond back. It’s a good idea to get in touch with a reputable Melbourne end of lease cleaning service to help you.


The cost of end of lease cleaning melbourne depends on many factors, including the size and condition of your property. Some cleaners offer services to clean the entire home or apartment, while others specialize in cleaning specific areas such as kitchens or bathrooms.

A professional cleaner may also charge more if they need to use extra equipment or cleaning products. These include carpet shampooers, vacuum cleaners and pressure washers. They may also have additional cleaning services such as exterior window washing or sanitising the gutters and downpipes.

It is important to get an estimate of the cost of bond cleaning so that you can plan your budget accordingly. This will help you keep adequate funds on hand for the work and avoid overspending.

Most tenants prefer to hire professionals for this job as they know how to perform a thorough end of lease cleaning. They also have the necessary experience and training to ensure that the house is clean, spotless and ready for a final inspection.

Vacate cleaners

Vacate cleaners usually estimate how long it will take to clean your property based on the number of rooms and areas they need to clean. For instance, a standard two bedroom one bathroom apartment will typically take around five hours to clean.

When hiring end of lease cleaners, you should ask them what cleaning services they offer and what types of equipment they have. Some of them can also do handyman jobs such as painting, gardening and pest control.

You should also ask about their insurance policy. This is important because it will protect you in case the cleaners are unable to do their job properly.

Finally, check the cleaning company’s reputation and check reviews of their work. You can also contact previous clients for references.

Hiring a professional to do this is an excellent idea as it will ensure that the house looks great before the final inspection.


Moving out of a rental property is a time-consuming task that often involves a lot of work. It can be physically and mentally tiring, which is why most people find it easier to hire a professional end of lease cleaning Melbourne company to do the job for them.

One of the main reasons why a person should hire an end of lease cleaning Melbourne company is because they have a team of experienced and skilled cleaners who are able to do a thorough job at the end of the lease. They also have the necessary equipment and cleaning products that allow them to complete the job quickly.

It is advisable to give them a clear idea of the size and condition of the property so that they can send the right amount of people for the job.

able to clean

They will be able to clean the entire house and ensure that it is in perfect condition for the final inspection. This will help you obtain your bond back without any hassles.

When choosing an end of lease cleaning melbourne company, make sure to check their response times and their 5 star reviews. You can also find out if they have an on-time guarantee and whether they are open 24/7.

In addition, you should ask them whether they are willing to move any bulky furniture for the job. This will make the job much faster and cheaper for you.

Once you have decided on an end of lease cleaning melbourne company, you should provide them with all the details of your property so that they can come to you with the appropriate equipment and supplies. They will also need to know about any specific requirements, such as whether you want carpets or upholstery cleaned.

A thorough end of lease cleaning melbourne usually takes between 3 and 8 hours, depending on the size of the house. This is why it is a good idea to prepare the property and remove all personal items from it beforehand so that the cleaners can get to work as soon as they arrive.


When you’re ready to clean your rental home, it’s a good idea to hire professional end of lease cleaners. These professionals use quality products, tools and equipment to carry out the task correctly. They also have a detailed checklist that ensures your house looks spotless when you move out of it.

Some companies also offer other services in addition to the regular cleaning, including external window cleaning and fridge/freezer cleaning.  Therefore, you will need to book them separately and pay for them on top of the standard cleaning price.

It’s important to hire a company with many years of experience in end of lease cleaning Melbourne. This will ensure that they can deliver a high-quality service at a reasonable price. You can ask for references from previous clients or check the work experience of a company online before you choose them.



In general, the cost of end of lease cleaning varies depending on the property’s condition and size. If the place is in poor condition, it will take more time to clean it thoroughly.

The amount of time that the cleaning team spends in each room will also play a role in the final price.

You can also ask the cleaning company if they will be willing to move any bulky furniture, which can save you money and time in the long run.

It is also a good idea to get a written quote before you book. This way, you will know what to expect and whether you’ll be able to afford the service.

Some companies even include their cleaning supplies and instruments in the price, which is a big plus. It also shows that they are serious about their business and the safety of their employees. They also take care to maintain their cleaning equipment and make sure it is in good working order.

Cleaning Products

When it comes to end of lease cleaning melbourne, professional bond cleaners use high-end tools and technologies. This is an important step to ensuring that you get your full bond back without any issues.

Most landlords and property management companies will require you to lodge a security deposit as part of your contract with them.

This will allow you to prioritise which areas need the most attention, which will save you time and money.

The most common places that need cleaning include carpets, upholstery, windows, mirrors, and any glass surfaces. It’s also a good idea to wipe down any cupboards and drawers, as well as the insides of your refrigerator.

Another important task to consider is the exterior of the property.It is also necessary to remove cobwebs and insect nests, and clean the driveway, garage and garden areas.

This will give you the proof you need to back up any claims that are made by your landlord about your end of lease cleaning.