As we all know, the PNP is now pag-operating on illegal drugs. The DEA is also on the offensive. In this article, I will discuss the reaction of nangs drugs, one of the PNP officers, on drugs and narcotics.

Nangs Drugs

nangs drugs is a psychoactive substance, which is produced by the Cannabis sativa plant. It has been used for many purposes for centuries, including recreational and medicinal.

The effects of nangs drugs can vary between people. A person who uses too much of it can experience a life-threatening reaction. Some people report experiencing paranoia, hallucinations, anxiety, panic, and other unpleasant feelings.

When marijuana is smoked, it is absorbed from the lungs into the blood. Once in the body, it is distributed rapidly to fat, muscles, and the brain. These effects last for two to six hours.

In addition, marijuana may impair thinking and memory functions. Teenagers who use it may develop learning disabilities.

Long-term adverse effects of marijuana include addiction, chronic coughing, and respiratory infections. Children who use cannabis have lower scores on visual problem-solving and visual-motor coordination tests.

Several studies have shown that marijuana can negatively affect fetal development. Infants exposed to marijuana in utero have lower scores on visual analysis. They also have a greater sensitivity to drugs of abuse.

Studies have also found that high doses of marijuana may lead to an extreme psychotic reaction, such as delusions and hallucinations. The Food and Drug Administration has concerns about administering cannabis products to pregnant women and lactating mothers.

However, there is some evidence that cannabis can help relieve side effects of cancer treatment. This is because the substance can minimize the symptoms of nausea and vomiting.

Medical professionals are also working to research marijuana’s ability to treat some of the negative effects of chemotherapy. nangs drugs may also have a relaxing effect on sleep disorders.

The United States is one of only a few countries where recreational use of marijuana is legal. Use is also legal in Uruguay, Canada, South Africa, the District of Columbia, and Thailand.


Nitrous oxide or NO for short, is a gas used in medicine, dentistry and in the whipping of cream. In some cases it may be inhaled for a short-lived euphoric rush. A popular form of use is via balloons. It is an ideal gas for certain procedures that do not require a general anaesthetic.

The most important thing to note about nangs drugs is that its effects are short-lived. Although a few reports suggest that it may help in some surgical operations, it can also impede the flow of oxygen to the brain, causing disorientation and possible falls.

To get the full nitrate ting, you might want to consider a nang delivery service. These nirvanas are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week in most major metropolitan areas. For about $10, you can get ten of the nangs.

While there’s no doubt that nangs are fun and relatively safe, they’re also a hazard to your lungs, eyes and overall well-being. Some users have reported that they’ve even lost control of their motors while under the influence. This may be a good reason to heed the cautions of a trusted friend or two.

Aside from nangs, there are many other ways to burn the good old fashioned oxycodone. For example, you can buy nitric acid and pipe it into your mouth. Or you can smoke the nitric acid in a mask, which is a more convenient alternative. But if you’re planning to do so, you may want to make sure you’re in a safe environment and in the presence of a qualified medical practitioner.

Nitrous oxide is not without its detractors, and the medical community is well aware of the dangers associated with the gas. However, its use in medical settings is often justified, and the nitric acid that is used is an effective anaesthetic.


Illegal killing

The use of nangs has taken the place of smoking cigars. This has led to the proliferation of narcissistic, if not gullible, partygoers. Some retailers have used social media platforms such as WeChat to target Chinese students. Others have resorted to gimmicks such as spotting a nano in a cup of coffee. It’s a crowded marketplace. So, a more effective public health education campaign may be in order. One can only hope the new found popularity does not translate to increased illicit use and repercussions. Keeping the nano in a cup of java may prove to be a recipe for disaster. Taking a few swigs may be the last thing on a college student’s mind.

The nano is not for everyone. There are those who would rather slay the nano to the ring than the cyborg. Educating such individuals may be the only path to success. To this end, a proper pharmacology and chemistry education may be the best bet.

PNP pag-operate sa illegal drugs
The Philippine National Police (PNP) recently conducted an anti-drug awareness campaign in the municipality of Nang, Bohol. New Director Lorenzo Batuan stated that his priority is to ensure that the law enforcement agency is able to effectively control the flow of illegal drugs into the municipality. He also emphasized that the PNP must adhere to proper protocol when dealing with drugs.

Batuan is not alone in his endeavor. He is tasked to coordinate with other agencies to ensure that the campaign is successful. His counterpart, Col. Osmundo Salibo, left the post after he was able to secure over P22 million worth of shabu in just ten months. Besides, he had his share of complaints, notably the battery of alleged human rights violations, in his time. In addition, he logged a lot of drug cases in Nang, a city that is close to other localities where the drug trade is more rampant.

There is no doubt that the PNP’s anti-drug campaign is the best in the region. However, the campaign is not only about catching the bad guys. Aside from ensuring that the supply of drugs is reduced, the PNP must also encourage its officers to follow protocol.

Ramon Tulfo’s reaction to drugs

Ramon Tulfo is a columnist and a television host. In a recent column, he made an accusation about drug activities at the DLS-CSB. He claimed that these drugs are sold outside the school premises. This is based on his daughter’s confession to her mother that she has been using Valium.

He wrote the column to inform parents that drug deals are prevalent in the DLS-CSB. According to him, CSB has no power to monitor non-school-related activities of students outside its campus. Rather, the school has to depend on the parent to report this matter.

Nevertheless, a parent would still have the responsibility to protect their child. That is why it is necessary to take action and expose the drug problem. The CSB administration has not done anything about the problem, leaving the tulfo parent with no choice but to act. Moreover, the CSB is not the only place where drugs are sold. There are drug shops all over the Philippines.

For a young teenager, it is important to get proper attention and parental understanding. Drugs are dangerous, and teenagers are at risk of consuming them. But it is also a good idea to let your children know that there is no shame in talking to their parents about their problems. When your child becomes a teenager, he or she will go through a phase that will be difficult to endure. Aside from that, he or she should have proper affection from their parents. Regardless of your personal situation, always give your child the attention that they need. If your teen has a problem, he or she should be given the help that they need to be healthy and happy.