What You Will Get After Shifting to Paris Gentilly: Student Housing in Paris

Aerial view of Paris
Aerial view of Paris with Eiffel tower during sunset

Paris, one of the global cities in the world and the capital city of France, is the dream destination of a large number of people from throughout the world. It is one of the most liked tourist cities in the world. Eiffel Tower ranks among the topmost tourist destinations across the globe.

There are several other aspects for which Paris is known. It is also known for its career and higher education. Many individuals come to Paris to build a great career. Moreover, we see a great rush of international students in Paris in every academic session.

Some fantastic student accommodation properties are available in Paris, which provide residences to international students every year. Apart from a place to stay, such properties also offer amazing features for fun, fitness, and many other aspects of their lives.

Paris Gentilly is one of the popular accommodation properties in this city. This property is meant for student accommodation Paris is full of facilities as per the requirements of modern-day students.

Below, you will read about some major features that you will find in Paris Gentilly if you book a residence here.

Features for Studies

You will come to Paris for your studies due to which you will need to study features first. In this accommodation property, you will find a study desk and chair in your room. In addition to this, you will also get a study room, which will be the best place for you for disturbance-free studies.

Wi-Fi Internet Connection

You will need an internet connection in Paris for your studies and other online tasks. Here also, you will not be disappointed. A Wi-Fi internet connection is available here through which you will be able to connect the internet to your Wi-Fi-supported gadgets such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets.

So, you will be able to complete your projects and assignments, watch video tutorials, read text lessons, attend online lectures, do online shopping, do entertainment, communicate with others, etc.


Apart from studies, fitness is also required by everyone undoubtedly. If your body is fit, you will be able to pay better attention to your studies. Workouts are the perfect medium to attain fitness.

Features of student accommodation Paris

When you will start living in Paris Gentilly, you will also find a gym here. The gym in this accommodation property is fully equipped with all the machines that an individual needs to give workouts to different parts of his/her body.

Yoga and Dance Studio

The fitness features of Paris Gentilly do not end with a gym. Here, you will also find a yoga and dance studio. In this studio, you can perform meditation, breathing exercises, yogic postures, and aerobics for your physical and mental health. Besides, if you like to dance, you will also be able to do it in this amazing studio meant for both yoga and dance.

Pool Table for Fun

No doubt, fun is also an essential aspect of everyone’s life. In Paris Gentilly, you will also find the arrangement for your fun. Here, you will find a pool table where you can play pool with your co-residents.

Social Events

You will get more fun in Paris Gentilly through the social events. From time to time, you will notice many social events here which you must attend.

These social events are not only the sources of fun but they will also help you in making new friends. They will help you in increasing your social circle and you will be able to befriend other international students like you who have come to this city from different countries to acquire higher education.

Common Lounge

Social events are indeed good sources to make new friends, but you don’t need to wait for these events to befriend others. You will also find a common lounge here. In this common lounge, students from different residences of Paris Gentilly assemble. So, you can make many new friends in the lounge of Paris Gentilly.

Studios for Stay

You can book a studio room in Paris Gentilly for your stay. Here, you will get an ensuite bathroom and a private kitchenette.

Storage Spaces

In your studio, you will get a wardrobe for keeping your clothes safe and organized. Besides, you will also get bookshelves and many other storage spaces.

24/7 Security

A 24/7 security staff is deployed on the entire property of Paris Gentilly for your safety.

Final Thoughts

There is no doubt that Paris Gentilly is an ideal property for the needs of present-day students. You can find this property in the list of properties in Paris on the websites of student accommodation service platforms. You can read its details there and can also compare it with other student properties available in Paris.