When and How to Report any Defect in the Scissor Lift?


Construction machines are usually gigantic in size. Especially, when scissor lift is concerned, it is available under several specification. Whether small or large, sometimes defect become common. There are three major reasons on why scissor lift or any other aerial lift is susceptible to defects:

Poor Maintenance: It is one of the primary reasons that develops defect in scissor lift. Workers or managers handling or responsible for its maintenance should follow the scheduled routine maintenance task and check the scissor lift daily as per the checklist.

When not in Use: When such machines are not in use from a longer time and kept non-operational, it develops defects as these machines are made for regular use. When used properly in the directed manner, it has less probability to have defects.

During the use: Scissor lift or any lifting machine can have defect during its onsite use. It is a common situation and every operator or worker must have come across this situation.

A Written Report Should Be Submitted to the Maintenance Management Team:

There must be provision for the operator of scissor lift to make written reports of defects or observations immediately they are identified. The written report should be sent to a pre-defined format, which requests details of the defect or observation and supporting information such as date, time, telehandler identification, circumstances, etc., and must be reported at least daily.

All the defect reports, should be forwarded to the scissor lift owner, (or the delegated person), who is in a position to make an informed decision about a planned response to the report. A copy of the original report should be retained by the operator.

Once the defect/observation has been responded to and cleared this should then be recorded with supporting information on the original defect report. The ‘un-cleared’ and ‘cleared’ reports should be securely lodged within the telehandler owning company’s maintenance management system and must be made accessible on demand to the operators of the scissor lift as well as other authorised bodies.