If they are in excellent shape and in demand, rare and ancient books may be collectable things, but it can be difficult to know if your books are valuable and, if they are, where to sell them to receive the most price for your stuff. Rare and antique book collectors sometimes visit certain websites and auction sites in the hopes of discovering a particular edition for themselves. We offer some advice for you, whether you are selling autographed first editions, rare recipes, or antiquated masterpieces.

Where can I sell my rare books?

We often get asked this question, which is a common one. It’s critical to assess the value of your book before attempting to sell it. Doing your homework can assist you determine if your book is worth some money.

Your book’s worth will vary depending on a variety of factors. First of all, it depends on how popular your book is and how many copies are on the market. When there are too many books available, the market becomes saturated, and your book may not succeed. The edition of your book should also be checked to ensure that it really is a first edition.

Your book’s worth will also depend on how well-preserved it is and whether or not it still has its original dust cover. It will be far less valuable without the dust jacket. Visit this blog article on our site for further information on how to value your ancient or rare books.

Rare books may be sold in a few different ways. First off, many independent bookshops may be interested in your item, but this alternative could be time-consuming as you’ll have to go in person. Additionally, because the bookshop will be trying to resell it for a profit, you could discover that you don’t obtain the proper price. Second, you may contact a lot of customers via auction houses, and with the correct catalog advertisement, you can turn a nice profit. To sell your book to the largest audience possible, it is advised that you utilize an auction house with an internet presence. Additionally, there are several websites that might assist you in selling a unique or ancient book. Let’s look more closely.

Websites Where Rare Books Can Be Sold

There are tens of thousands of online book stores and independent bookstores, and Google doesn’t always provide the most relevant results. The easiest technique to sell rare books online will be covered in this section. Use the website outline in this section if you’re just starting out selling rare books. You will have a head start thanks to them.

Shapero Rare Books

London Based Rare book store. Shapero Rare Books is an internationally renowned dealer in antiquarian & rare books and works on paper. Our specialists have over 250 years of experience in between them, with particular expertise in fine illustrated books from the 15th to the 20th century, travel & voyages, natural history, modern firsts, rare children’s books, guidebooks, Hebraica & Judaica, works of Russian interest, and Islamica.


Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America

The only objective of the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America (ABAA), which was founded in 1949, is to promote rare books as well as professionalism and moral standards in the book trade. The company’s website features a variety of rare books from its member retailers.

You may join and list on their website by doing so. A sizable audience awaits your books at ABAA. If you’re new to the market, it’s the ideal method for selling rare books online.


You may obtain good pricing for fine books at AntiqBook.com. Their slogan states as much. The corporation holds its booksellers to a high level and doesn’t tolerate false advertising, exaggeration, or dishonest business tactics. More than eight million books and hundreds of international bookstores are available on AntiqBooks.com.

Dog Eared Books

Dog Eared Books has 20 years of experience in the industry. Customers may pick from a wide variety of books at the business. You will be astounded by the offerings they provide if this is your first time. The business offers you reasonable discounts. Dog Eared Books is the greatest option if you’re looking for a location to sell books online.

LibraryThing Bookbase

There are hundreds of bookshops for Bibliophile across the globe, but most of them are in the US, SA, UK, and AU. The business is dedicated to offering consumers and bookstores excellent services. They sometimes engage in philanthropic work as well.

Biblio offers books from more than 5,600 different retailers. They have a huge library with more than 100 million volumes in it! Biblio is the best option if you’re looking to sell rare books online.


One of the top websites for selling rare books online is AbeBooks.com. They have more than 10 years of experience selling books and have become quite successful. They share several features with Amazon, and you may choose to sell your books to bookstores and book collectors.

Prior to moving forward, you must understand your audience and sell your message to them. Making a sale will be difficult otherwise. Before you begin selling on AbeBooks.com, careful preparation is required. Rare books may also be sold on other websites including Amazon, eBay, and Alibris. Your chances of success are highest on the sites that are identified as book retailers.


The greatest website to buy and sell rare books online is now BookDeal.com. They have 20 years of expertise and a wealth of knowledge that may benefit bookstores. The organization is the best place to sell books since it has a large network of trustworthy book-buying businesses.

This bookseller’s website features a special function that lets you add images for your books. It provides as proof that you sent the right books in the condition you properly stated. The greatest aspect is that BookDeal.com guarantees payment to you. Consider BookDeal.com if you’re looking for the finest approach to sell textbooks online.

Final words

Use the advice in this article if you want to learn how to sell rare books online. You should be able to go forward as a result. As was previously said, a book need not be valuable just because it is ancient. You should be able to tell if a book will be useful. We’ve also included a few bookselling websites above if you’re wondering where to sell rare books online.