Which Airline Has Less Crashes?


Specifying Air New Zealand as the safest airline, because this airline operates in some of the most challenging climate situations and remote environments. Air NZ leading the way with technical improvement and has a very young fleet with a normal age of just 6.8 years. Passing out the top 20 list this year is Air New Zealand after taking the digit three spot in 2021. Air New Zealand is the country’s national carrier and serves Australia, Asia, the Pacific, and North America. If you want to travel you can also avail Cheap flight Qatar Airways. Qatar Airways also consider one of the best Airlines.

Flag Carrier of New Zealand:

Air NZ Limited airline is the flag carrier of New Zealand. Established in Auckland, the airline functions as scheduled traveler flights to 20 domestic and 30 international destinations in 18 nations, mainly around and within the Pacific Border. The Air NZ airline has been a participant in the Star Alliance since 1999. Air New Zealand’s planes differ in size from the Bombardier Q300 to the Boeing 787-9.

Safest Airline in the World for 2022:

Airline rating has titled Air New Zealand as the safest airline in the world for 2022. Air New Zealand is the safest airline in the world for 2022, with transporters like Etihad Airways, Qatar, TAP Air Portugal, Lufthansa, Qantas, and Finn air also creating the list. Air New Zealand received the title because of its superb incident record, the sum of technological innovations and field innovations, complete pilot training, and low fleet age, which is around just 6.8 years. It is also said ANZ’s pilots work in severe weather conditions and remote environments, adding to the carrier’s safety level. Furthermore, the airline topped in COVID policies and practices.

ANZ Awards based on six factors:

Air New Zealand 2022 awards were based on six elements, counting crashes in the past five years, severe incidents over two years, government audits, fleet age, audits from aviation governing bodies, and COVID policies.
Though, It is explained that all airlines experience incidents and that it is not at all times the issue of the carrier when things go wrong, but sometimes relatively the aircraft or engine maker.

Ranking of Air New Zealand:

There were numerous ranking changes in 2022 compared to 2021, most remarkably were Qantas dropping its crown to Air New Zealand after a three-year winning band, Southwest Airlines dropping out of the top 20 after classifying number 13 last year, and TAP Air Portugal’s presence named Europe’s safest carrier after not creating the list in 2021. Book Qatar Airways Ticket in 2023 to New Zealand at very cheaper costs.

When was the last Air New Zealand airplane crash?

On 28 November 1979, Air New Zealand Flight TE901 went from Mangere airport, Auckland, for an 11-hour coming back visiting flight to Antarctica. At 12.49 p.m. NZST, the airplane crashed into the lower hills of Mt Erebus killing all 237 travelers and 20 staff on board. Get onboarding with Air New Zealand for great significance flights, and fly to New Zealand, Australia, and the Pacific Islands.