Hairstyle Suits

Everyone craves gorgeous curls with effortless movement, no matter the season!

There are endless ways to style curly hair and if your clients want to break out of their hairstyle rut and get a major makeover, consider experimenting with Curly VIrgin Indian Hair from well-known wholesale vendors like India Hair International. 

Not only that, curly weaves are a quick fix for women who are not able to achieve curls with their natural hair. 

Rest assured, you can impress your fashion-conscious clients with amazing curly weave hairstyles

Keep reading as we put together some curly hair inspiration for your clients.    

#1. Layers That Last For Days   

Layers are a great way to volumize curly weave hairstyles.

Layers are great for adding instant volume to your hair without weighing your head down. 

Incorporating a few layers into curly weave hairstyles can help emphasize the hair volume and definition – creating more bounce and natural movement.

#2. Side Swept Curls   

Side swept curls are one of the hottest curly weave hairstyles 

If your clients are looking for the most beautiful curly weave hairstyles, it doesn’t get better than the side-swept curls! 

The haircut is highly sought-after, and it is both fierce and flattering for everyone. A side-swept hairstyle is a quick way to amp up your client’s look.  In any case, this style requires very little upkeep and is a breeze to recreate.

#3. Curled Side Pony   

One of the super volumized curly weave hairstyles 

Basic ponytails are old and boring, so you can jazz up your client’s look with a curled side ponytail. 

This hairstyle is one of the most exquisite looks your clients can wear to make a subtle change without dramatic transformation. 

To recreate this look: 

  • Brush your client’s hair gently on either side. 
  • Avoid brushing the hair vigorously to prevent the weave hair from snapping. 
  • Create a low ponytail and define the curls using a curling wand. 
  • Spritz a bit of hairspray to set the hair in place. 

#4. Short And Formal  

Short curly weave hairstyles are all about party in the back, business in the front! 

Curls are commonly associated with long, beachy waves. But who knew short curls could look just as good? 

Short curly weave hairstyles scream, “Business in the front, party in the back.” With this amazing short curly hairstyle, you can assist your clients in breaking free from the social construct that women must wear their hair long.

The short layered curls will inarguably stand out and make a bold fashion statement. 

#5. Fringe And Fro    

Incorporate a set of bangs into your curly weave hairstyles

Anyone who tells you that bangs are inappropriate for curly hair is not true. Any hair type can pull off a set of hair bangs with the right style, and it’s the same with curly weave hairstyles.  

However, incorporating a set of hair bangs requires big-time commitment, and, let’s admit, nobody likes commitment. 

#6. Turn The Volume Up  

Blow out your curly weave hairstyles

The blow-out look will definitely help your clients bring out the flames with the right curly weave hairstyles

It’s the ideal hairdo for women who prefer to make a statement with their hair. You can even add a little fringe to alter the design, making it incredibly versatile. 

#7. Half Up Half Down Curly Hairstyle 

The best curly weave hairstyles with curly bundles 

The curly half-up, half-down hairstyle is a huge mainstream style. It’s the perfect look for curly weave hairstyles. 

This half-up, half-down style is super quick and looks phenomenal with bright highlights. What’s more? By curling away hair from the face, you can accentuate your client’s facial features. 

  • Gather the curls in the front and wrap them in a half bun at the crown, allowing a few pieces to frame your client’s face. 
  • To keep this curly hairstyle in place all day, use a setting spray!

#8. Messy Curly Bun 

Steal this super hot kinky curly bun 

This curly weave hairstyle is perfect for women who have thin, wispy curls. This is one of the messy curly weave hairstyles that creates a volume-packed bun by adding density to your client’s hair. 

If your clients are yearning for more volume, you can always use curly hair bundles. This way, your clients can protect their precious locks from everyday hair damage.

To recreate this look, comb your client’s hair and pull it into a bun. Be sure to use enough bobby pins to secure it in place. 

You can also tip your clients to use printed satin ribbon or trendy barrettes to finish this tousled curly bun hairstyle.

#9. Side Parted Messy Bob   

Keep it messy yet elegant with curly weave hairstyles

Since curly weave hairstyles don’t always require a neat look, you can choose to work with the natural spontaneity of your clients curls. 

A terrific way out is to part the hair deeply to either side and let the curls fall naturally. The major rule of thumb for creating a messy look is that there are no rules, and you can use your imagination to experiment with different hairstyles.

#10. Hippie Ombre Curls   

Experiment with the hottest ombre curly weave hairstyles

Ombre hair is one of the most popular color-treated curly weave hairstyles of 2022. You can save your client’s hair from unnecessary damage caused by bleaching and dyeing by using curly hair bundles.

The haircut is simple, elegant, and stunning! To create a gorgeous contrast, use contrasting colors to create the ombre effect throughout the hair length. 

Finish with a central part to complete the curly hairdo. You can also trim the curly weave to add more depth to the bohemian look!

FAQs For Curly Weave Hairstyles  

#1. How long do curly weaves last?   

If your clients are showing their curly weave TLC by getting into a proper hair care routine, it’ll last more than 2 months. Keeping the curly weave hairstyles longer than 2 months can result in hair damage for your clients.

#2. Which weave hair type is best?  

The best quality of weave hair is virgin human hair, which is unprocessed and hence can be treated and colored just like your natural hair.

Brazilian, Malaysian, Peruvian, and Indian hair are the most common types of virgin human hair.

Consider visiting India Hair International (IHI) to get premium virgin Indian hair ethically sourced from the temples of India at wholesale prices. India Hair International also offers a special Stylist Program for licensed cosmetologists with up to 20% off on all IHI orders!

#3. How much do weaves cost?  

The cost of curly weave bundles ranges from $200 to $600, plus $150 for installation and $60 for maintenance every six weeks. 

Bottom Line  

There you have it! These are some of the most trending curly weave hairstyles to copy this season. It’s a no-brainer that with the correct human hair weave, you can effortlessly get gorgeous curls that last for days for your clients. After all, a good hairstyle will keep customers coming back for more!

Want to learn more about curly hair and how to show all the tender, love, and care for curly hair? Consider reading How To Care For Indian Curly Hair Extensions