Which is the Best Angioplasty Procedure or Stent?

Heart Cholesteral in human illustration

If left untreated, coronary heart disease can impact your life. That is why any cardiologist would suggest a quick treatment before things worsen. Two treatments help get the disease under control. One is coronary angioplasty, while the other is stent placement. Here we are going to tell which of the two treatments is better and why.

Coronary Angioplasty and stent placement

Coronary angioplasty is a procedure to open the clogged arteries. It uses a tiny balloon catheter that is inserted in the blocked blood vessel. The balloon is then inflated, and the blockage in the blood vessel is removed. 

The healthcare provider uses fluoroscopy during the surgery. It is like an X-ray and helps the doctor see the blockages in the arteries. 

When the situation is rather severe, the stent is placed. It is a small wire mesh tube that helps keep the artery open for a long. These stents are coated with medications and keep the artery widened. 

Once the stent is placed, the tissue coats it like a layer. Usually, the stent is covered with the tissue in a matter of months. Sometimes stents can get blocked again; hence advice from a doctor is critical.

Angioplasty is suggested by a Heart specialist in Hyderabad to remove any symptoms of blockage in arteries. It also reduces the damage caused to the heart. However, not all coronary heart diseases can be treated with an angioplasty.

Which is better- angioplasty or stent?

Both angioplasty and stent placement have their own pros and cons. Coronary Angioplasty helps deal with minor blockages in the initial phases. The procedure allows the blockage to go away, and the chances of its return are minimal.

However, if the blockage is dense, then the cardiologist might suggest a stent placement. The stents are capable of keeping the arteries open for a long time. Not only that, some of the stents are coated with medicines that help in tissue rejuvenation. 

It can be said that the stents are the second level of an angioplasty. Nowadays, the situation is exceptionally grave by the time the problem is detected. That is why it is normal for cardiologists to add the stent placement as part of the angioplasty. 

Since stents come in different shapes and sizes, the variety makes it easy for the cardiologist to customize the stent as per your requirement. Yet angioplasty is minimally invasive, so the body recovers faster after the procedure.

Summing Up

Thinking your heart ailment is insignificant is the biggest mistake a person can make. When the arteries face blockage, angioplasty, and stent placement are usually recommended. At that time, you need a reputed cardiologist to help you out. Dr. Raghu is a Heart specialist in Hyderabad who will listen to all your troubles and suggest the right path to recovery. His experience of 22 years in the field guides him in tackling every heart issue with utmost precision. Dr. Raghu will help you overcome all health hurdles and live a life of normalcy.