Which is the better oil-based or water-based foundation?


There are some major differences between oil-based or water-based foundation that you should know about before you decide which type of foundation to use. While there’s no right or wrong answer, here’s we provide a complete guide on benefits of water based foundation and oil based foundation so you can make a right decision about which one works best for your skin type.

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Oil-based foundation tends to be more long-lasting and have a more natural finish than water-based foundations. Oil-based formulas also tend to last longer on the skin and wear longer than water-based formulas. Water-based formulas are generally lighter, which makes them perfect for oily skin types, but they can be too light for those with dry skin types, especially in the winter months when the air becomes dryer than usual.

Water or Oil Based Foundation?

Water-based foundation

Are you wondering what is water based makeup? So here know about water based makeup. The best water-based foundations contain ingredients like water, glycerin, and alcohol instead of oil, which can aggravate the problem of excess oil production in the skin. Water-based formulas also tend to be easier to blend away any shine or excess oils on your face that can make you look oily.

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Oil-based foundation

Oil-based foundations are made from oils and waxes, which tend to dry out the skin when left on for long periods. They also contain alcohol, which can irritate some people. Oil-based products are typically heavier than water-based formulas, so they tend to settle into fine lines and wrinkles making them appear more pronounced than they are. Oil-based foundations may also contain fragrances or other chemicals that may cause allergic reactions in some people.

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Natural Finish

Water-based foundations have a natural look that looks much more natural than oil-based makeup. This makes them suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin and acne-prone skin. Water-based foundations also have less harmful ingredients than oil-based ones. The ingredients are more natural and won’t cause as many issues for your skin and the environment.

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Easy to apply

The water-based makeup is much easier to apply than the oil-based one. It can be applied with a sponge or a brush, but if you want to use your fingers, it’s better to use a cotton pad. This method gives you more control over the product and makes it easier for you to apply it evenly on your face While applying the oil-based foundation, you will have to work hard with a flat brush or sponge and make sure that your entire face is covered properly. With the water-based makeup, however, all you have to do is dip the sponge or brush into your favourite foundation, then apply it to your face.

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Longer lasting effect

The oil-based makeup lasts longer than the water-based one because of its natural ingredients that help in retaining moisture on your skin while protecting it from external factors like sunlight and pollution which are harmful to our skin. The water-based makeup dries up quickly after application and loses its effectiveness within a few hours of application

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