Which Magazine is the best for dog food?

There are hundreds of magazines available for dog food and other accessories. But I think it would be best to go for the most trusted and well-known option regarding your dog’s food. And that option is undoubtedly Vanity Fur Magazine.

Yes, Vanity Fur Magazine is, I think, the most reliable companion that will provide not only healthy foods for your four-legged buddy but also other accessories to keep your loyal friend healthy. At the same time, they also offer advice, guidelines, and tips so that you can raise your dog with care and love.

Which Dog Food Brand Is Perfect for My Dog?

As I mentioned earlier, you can choose from hundreds of options. But remember that not all dog food brands suit your furry friend.

If you are living in the UK, you must choose a dog food that meets the guidelines of PFMA or the Pet Food Manufacturing Association. That’s because PFMA-certified foods are the only ones that will give your dog a healthy diet since those brands follow the guidelines and manufactures food with the proper nutrients in the right proportion.

And it is also mandatory for a dog food brand to meet PFMA’s regulations, which the BVA or British Veterinary Association regulates.

So, as long as you feed your pal the PFMA-certified food labeled “Complete,” your dog should be healthy.

How to Choose the Right Dog Food?

There are some criteria for choosing the right dog food, which are:

PFMA Certified

Among hundreds of options, you need to choose the right food for your dog, containing all the nutrients in the right proportion.  Not all brands can provide you with that. But food brands that are PFMA certified can ensure you the proper nutrients for your dog.

Your Dog’s Taste

If you have tried a variety of dog foods for your dog, you surely have noticed your loyal companion has affection for a specific brand. That’s because your dog like that brand more and makes him or her crave that food. So, feed your dog the food he or she wants the most.

Weight, Height, Breed

You must consider certain things about your dog when choosing the right dog food. For example, height, weight, and breed. That’s because you are feeding your dog, which should benefit his or her health. And if you consider your dog’s weight, height, and breed, it will be helpful to choose the right food.

Medical Conditions

Like us humans, dogs also suffer from sicknesses and health conditions. And certain foods can trigger sickness in your dog. At the same time, certain foods or ingredients can be allergic to your dog. And feeding that to your dog will be putting your pal in danger.

So, check your dog’s food and medical conditions, and then choose foods that are not dangerous for your furry companion.

Wet Food or Dry Food

It’s not a big deal. You can feed your dog wet food or dry food, or you can feed a mixture of those foods. If your dog is getting healthy foods – your dog will be fine. But if you are feeding wet food, keep a close eye on your dog’s teeth because wet foods can lead him or her to dental issues.