Which of the treatment options is better between PRP and Hair Transplant?

Hair Transplant or PRP

Dr VJs Cosmetic Surgery & Hair Transplantation Centre Visakhapatnam: No matter which treatment option you want to have, the preference will always be given to choosing the reliable one. Especially, when it is about hair loss because the distress involved in it can make things problematic. The situation can be tenser when there is difficulty in choosing that one treatment which can do wonders. So, What’s that treatment option which you should select in addressing the hair loss problem?

As it is pretty evident the hair loss industry is getting better with time. So, it’s essential to choose that one option which is right in all ways. Here the 2 most important and effective treatment options are PRP & Hair Transplant in Vizag. But, ‘How to choose the best hair restoration option’ or ‘Which treatment option is best?’ Let’s discuss the same in detail.

PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma)

PRP is one of the best ways to restore hair. During the treatment, the patient’s blood is extracted from the scalp through which platelets are used as they help in hair growth. It’s also because of their working mechanism which allows the hair growth to reach great heights. If someone has thin hair on some parts of the scalp then PRP can be used as a standalone procedure.

Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant in Kakinada is one of the feasible methods for addressing hair loss in men and women. During the surgery, the hair grafts are precisely extracted from one part of the scalp and then transplanted where hair growth is less. The success rate of hair transplant is around 94% which automatically tells how effective this treatment is. The hair transplant is performed from either of the 2 methods:

  1. FUE hair transplant
  2. FUT hair transplant

So, both these procedures are effective in giving the desired results as to what the patients are looking for.

Treatment sessions

In all the hustle-bustle and stressful life, every individual prefers to go down that route which takes less time. So, in such a case PRP is not the right choice. This is because there is a need for around 2 to 3 treatment sessions to see the results.

On the other hand, a hair transplant is a one-time treatment option through which the desired hair growth will be noticed for a lifetime. This means that hair growth is natural-looking and permanent. Within 8 to 12 months the desired results are noticed. Just make sure to follow all the necessary measures given by the hair restoration surgeon so that the recovery goes with utmost ease and comfort. It is essential because all those precautionary measures ensure the results are best.

Can hair transplant & PRP be combined?

YES! There are chances that to make the results better the PRP and hair transplant treatment can be combined. Depending on what your condition is you will be told as to which treatment plan you should get.

Consult the doctor for detailed information

If you are in doubt about what to do next then better schedule an initial consultation with a health expert like Dr. C Vijay Kumar to plan the customized hair restoration treatment for your condition.