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Ellacervetto is a well known Instagram model and a Tik Tok influencer. She has a huge following on all her social media accounts. She has been trending on social media and the Internet for some days because recently her private video got leaked and went viral.

People on the internet are eagerly searching for her video to get the link and watch. In this article, we will talk about Ellacervetto, who she is, where she is, Her wiki, her boyfriend, her Net worth and her viral leaked video.

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Who is Ellacervetto? Her wiki, bio and age

Ellacervetto is a Digital content creator who is a well known influencer and model on social media. Her full and teal name is Ella Grace Cervetto. She was born on 16 September, 2000 in Australia and currently she is 22 years old.

Ella Grace Cervetto lives in Sydney/Melbourne Australia. She creates reels, short videos and posts her hot and bold photographs on Instagram and Tik Tok. There is not much information available about her family background and Educational qualifications about Ella

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