Personalized boxes are the basic packaging for all manufacturers worldwide. The whole purpose of using these boxes is to ensure that you can increase your sales and get the best possible exposure for your brand. These boxes play a special role in helping your items sell better and making the biggest impression on the customer.

Personalized boxes come in many shapes and sizes. And that’s why they can be used for any type of packaging. These boxes can be designed and shaped according to the wishes of the manufacturer. These boxes can be equipped with all the functions and features that allow you to get the most out of your packaging. The role of this printed board is demonstrated by the fact that it is used for more than 80% of the world’s packaging needs. Let it sink

But what are the benefits of these boxes and why are they so popular? What role do these boxes play in the success of your brand? And how much does the manufacturer of these boxes cost?

Let’s look at all of these questions and answer them in the most effective way possible.

Why Do We Need These Boxes?

There are many uses for these custom printed boxes. They are mainly used for two purposes. They serve to protect the items we planted from damage. For this reason we often use handmade boxes as they are made of a very strong material that makes the boxes rigid and durable. This is one of the main functions of packaging. Without this role, we could never get what we wanted. And it will bring losses to manufacturers as well.

The second purpose of using these boxes is to make them very attractive. Rather, they can be as attractive as possible. This is due to their adaptation. Hence the name, mostly printed boxes. This means you can easily change the physical appearance of the boxes to make them look as unique and attractive as possible. These boxes have the ability to increase sales by impressing customers and compelling them to purchase items.

There are many other benefits to using these print boxes. Given all of these opportunities, we can easily see why they have such an impact on the growth and success of your business. You should have thought all those perks were worth it, right?

You are right, but the value of this topic is very small. The only thing you pay for is the design of these custom luxury packaging. The basic structure remains the same as any other box. Additional payments give you an even greater selling advantage.

But let’s see why these handmade boxes are more expensive than any other box.

Why Is It A Bit Expensive?

So many factors. When we talk about why boxes cost more than a regular brown box, the answer is simple. We made the box unusual. And you pay for it.

We’ve compiled a list of several factors to help you understand why these boxes are more expensive.

They Need To Be Designed

That’s the real reason why you have to pay more. A simple box is very cheap and effective. However, if you want a more customized design box, you need to work on that. The cutting and forming process requires technique and labor. And you have to pay for it. So you have to pay a little extra charge. The cost depends on the type of boxes used. After installing the craft box, you may need to pay a little more because they are more difficult to shape and cut.

They Need To Be Printed

This is another reason why these boxes are more expensive than any other box. Printing must be done with special digital printers. It also increases your costs and makes the boxes more expensive. This value depends on the pressure level used. When you create a sophisticated and high quality design on boxes, you expect a more expensive box. If you are using handmade cardstock, you will need to print the design on a piece of paper and then glue the paper to the cardstock. It will also add value.

Suppliers Get A Commission

When you buy boxes from a third party, you can pay a small additional fee – the ease and convenience of getting your boxes from an ordinary person. But the supplier also has a commission and commission. For example, you get craft kits more expensive if you buy them indirectly than if you make them yourself. Because of this, you have to pay a little more when it comes to getting your best boxes.