Why are LEDs the choice of new age homes and individuals?


The right choice of lighting in any room can make a difference in the appearance of a room. If you want to understand it in depth, let us take an example. We are here talking of two rooms- room a and room b. While in room a, incandescent lights are installed, room b has LEDs installed. The pictures clearly show a difference. Room b looks brighter and exquisite. The other perks that the room owner gets are reduced energy bills and less heat.

If you were to choose which room would you choose? If you are still confused and believe that LEDs are over-hyped with fewer benefits to boast of, this article is for you.

You can read the article to know more about LED lighting. We will cover how these are for the new age homes, their features and the perks they provide. We will also solve frequently asked queries related to LEDs.

It could be the savings of bills or the decor of your home, LEDs are there for one and all. The future is of LED lighting and below you will learn why they are certainly the future.

The future is of LED lighting? We say yes to it and here are the reasons-

The future is of LED lighting, unlike the incandescent/fluorescent one. These consume nearly 90% less energy, use less toxic chemicals and are created from recyclable materials. The LED lights and the E39 LED bulbs and others provide significant savings of cost and are the ultimate technology that needs to be the choice

More about LED light-

The LEDs are referred to as the light-emitting diodes which are the solid-state lighting device that produce light as forward voltage gets applied. The LED is a semiconductor diode that is packaged along with clear epoxy or a silicone gel.

Has LED been around?

Yes, the LED technology existed for decades and got used as indicator lights. They were a part of electronic devices and were also used for decorations as decorative lighting. Though commercial/residential LED lights were in use, over years the testing has been done and the lighting was prepared for industrial usage and commercial usage. The exciting thing is that these LEDs have an amazing life expectancy of nearly 30k-50k hours. LEDs are the future for in comparison to other means of lighting then could consume nearly 90% of the less energy, these use no toxic chemicals and are created out of recyclable materials.

Features that make the lighting stand out-

Below are some of the necessary features which make LED lights stand out-

  1. Increasingly energy efficient than incandescent or other forms of lights
  2. It operates at a lower temperature( it is cool to touch)
  3. It is friendly for the environment
  4. It has durability and is capable of long hours usage
  5. It leads to 90% of the energy savings
  6. It has a long life of nearly 50k hours
  7. It does not lead to frequent maintenance of light
  8. It has no mercury or does not emit any UV rays
  9. It has an accurate rendering of colour
  10. It can reduce the strain on the eyes. It, therefore, lead to fewer headaches
  11. It has a long warranty
  12. It does not flicker or humming
  13. It is easy for installation and uses existing fixtures
  14. It is created out of recyclable materials

Solving some queries related to LEDs-

Q1- Do LEDs have mercury? Are these recyclable?

The LEDs bulbs do not have mercury. They are recyclable because they do not have hazardous substances.

Q2- Are LEDs truly energy efficient?

The LED light bulbs use nearly half of the energy than the CFL bulbs. In most cases these last 10 times longer than the CFL. Apart from being energy efficient they are durable, friendly for the environment and have shock resistance as well.

Q3- Do these emit much heat?

The truth is that they emit much less heat and in cases where they are installed these can help lower temperatures nearby. These operate at lower temperatures and have immediate cooling benefits as well.

Q4- Are these lights expensive?

In the first instance, they might seem expensive but they have a measurable return on investment. They will be a value for money and should be necessarily installed.

Q5- Are LEDs safer?

Yes, these are safe and healthy and do not produce ultraviolet radiation that leads to rashes or skin issues.

You must certainly choose these worthy LEDs. For the E26 led bulbs, led wall pack light dusk to dawn or for the 400-watt Metal Halide LED replacement, trust us.