Why are speed cubes faster? What is the difference between Rubik’s cube and a speed cube?


The quest for faster solving times of the classic Rubik’s cube has been ongoing since its release in 1974. Many speedcubers hone their skills to get a competitive edge over others and strive to solve the cube as quickly and accurately as possible. With the rise of online competitions, tutorials, and challenge solvers, speed cube have become incredibly popular worldwide in recent years. This blog post will look at various aspects of speed cubes from tips on how to improve your technique to reviews of some leading products on the market today – so grab your cube and let’s explore!

Magnetic speed cubes are a type of puzzle cube that, thanks to their powerful magnets, can move much more quickly than standard cubes. This makes them ideal for puzzle solvers who want to complete the same course in fewer turns, allowing for faster overall completion times. Aside from being designed with speed in mind, these cubes offer an excellent tactile experience as each turn provides immediate feedback due to the magnets inside. Their portability and affordability make magnetic speed cubes an increasingly popular choice for new and experienced puzzle enthusiasts alike.

How do speed cubes work?

Speed cubes are the pinnacle of puzzle technology. Designed to provide a challenging but entertaining experience, speed cubes exploit several distinct features to create puzzles that challenge and delight users alike. First, they feature spring-loaded action allowing them to be manipulated quickly while getting back into the starting position with ease. 

In addition, each side is divided into several differently colored segments creating an intricate configuration of choices for each solution. Finally, special rotational mechanisms allow for precise and controlled manipulation of any given face without disturbing the whole cube; this allows for greater control and satisfaction when solving complex puzzles. All in all, speed cubes offer an exceptional puzzle experience that few other devices can match.

What types of speed cubes are there?

Speed cubes are becoming increasingly popular amongst puzzle enthusiasts, as they are known for their dexterity and ability to provide a challenging yet rewarding experience. There are many different types of speed cubes available, including standard 3×3 cubes, 2×2 cubes, 4×4 cubes, and more. These types vary in size and complexity, offering an array of choices to suit any skill level. Some brands offer specialty cubes such as Pyraminx cubes, Megaminx cubes, and Skewb cubes for those looking for an extra challenge. Speedcubing competitions often combine multiple cube types and involve timed rounds that aim to test the overall knowledge and skill of the competitor. Thus it can be seen that there is no shortage when it comes to the types of speed cubes available today.

Difference between Rubik’s Cube and speed cubes

Although Rubik’s Cube and speed cubes may have similarities in design, they have key differences that set them apart from each other. The Rubik’s Cube, invented by Hungarian sculptor and professor Erno Rubik in 1974, consists of a 3x3x3 cube composed of many smaller cubes. It requires knowledge, practice, and skill to maneuver the independent pieces into a pleasingly completed cube. 

In comparison, speed cubes are specially designed with some modifications; their different lattice structures enable people to manipulate the pieces with greater ease which ultimately allows them to solve puzzles faster than using regular cubes. This type of cube has become increasingly popular with pentamix cubes rising as the speediest on record up to 10 layers. Through its innovations over time, the speed cube can be enjoyed by both newer fans who are just beginning to learn how to solve a 3x3x3 cube and experts looking for greater challenges.


Speed cubes are faster than regular Rubik’s cubes because they have a different design that allows for smoother movement of the pieces. The main difference between a speed cube and a regular Rubik’s cube is the size of the pieces and the way they are put together. Speed cubes are designed for speed solving, while Rubik’s cubes are meant to be solved without too much emphasis on time. If you’re interested in trying out a speed cube, we recommend the pentamix cube. It’s one of the fastest on the market and it’s sure to give you a challenge.