Why Choose Sharjah for Canada Immigration?


Canada has emerged as one of the top destinations for immigrants worldwide. The flexible immigration policies, multiculturalism, quality of life, and robust economy attracts immigrants who always find ample job opportunities in the North American country. Recently, the influx of immigrants to Canada has reached pre-covid levels, and UAE residents also find immigration to Canada a viable option due to long-term settlement opportunities for them along with their families.


Sharjah, an important emirate in the UAE, has also seen increased immigration of its residents to Canada. With the increased demand, many Canada immigration consultants in Sharjah have emerged to help residents migrate to Canada. The factors that aid in the immigration process to Canada from Sharjah are as under:


Strategic location: Strategically positioned between Europe and East Asia, this location provides easy access to major international airports and ports in the Arabian Gulf and Indian Ocean. It is a short drive from UAE’s emerging global financial hub -Dubai. Residents interested in immigrating can visit nearby immigration agencies in the city center or travel to Dubai to Fastrack their Canada immigration process.


Cosmopolitan atmosphere: Sharjah has a cosmopolitan society, and residents of different nationalities make the emirate their home. The mixed nature of Sharjah also exposes the residents to people from different races and ethnicities. They have to learn other cultures and languages, which helps prospective immigrants to settle smoothly in the multicultural society of Canada.


Expatriate community: The emirate has a sizeable expatriate community like Dubai. After investing in the emirate, residents set their long-term goals to settle with their family in a developed western country or invest significantly and gain a second passport for increased mobility. Sharjah promotes skilled workers, and Canada has always needed more experienced workers.


The emergence of Canadian immigration consultants in Sharjah has made it easier for residents to apply for Canadian immigration and follow the immigration process regularly. As the top immigration consultant in DubaiDM Immigration Consultants has increased their reach to Sharjah to help its residents in the Canadian immigration process. DM consultants’ success ratio and professionalism have helped them quickly gain many clients in Sharjah.