Why Crypto-Friendly Anonymous VPN Servers?

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website design services

Website owners worry about hackers, data theft, and site scraping. Insecure hosting solutions can expose data. Hackers, eavesdroppers, and cybercriminals will be able to steal and sell it. This is not only unethical but also illegal. This is an unethical practice that will continue to grow unless web store managers and store owners adopt anonymous hosting.

In this article, we will be discussing anonymous web hosting and how it can be used to protect data and prevent cybercriminals.


What Do Anonymous VPS Servers Look Like?

Anonymous bitcoin VPS hosting servers are servers that permit you to use a pseudonym in order to buy a domain and hosting services for your website. You don’t have any of your real information to register the domain. The data used to register the domain is usually scraped by third parties. This is personal data that includes the user’s name, address, and phone number. Illicit purposes can use it.

An anonymous hosting solution guarantees that all data of the user are protected by a pseudonym (fake name) and address. Therefore, even if data is scraped by third parties the actual data remains safe.


Is Anonymous VPS Hosting Worth It?

Imagine you have an eCommerce shop where people make transactions every day. You don’t want cybercriminals to have their data. This is why you will choose an anonymous VPS solution. It won’t be able to get the server address for SQL injection. You can also access the domain name only through a CDN provider, which means there will be no DDoS attacks on your server. VPS hosting solutions offer complete user privacy, security, higher performance, and greater reliability.


Why Use Anonymous Hosting With VPS Servers?

1gbits is a one-stop solution provider for hosting that ensures privacy and security. Secure shared hosting cannot be because it hosts many websites. A dedicated hosting solution however requires a single server to host each user. This type of hosting solution costs a lot and is difficult to scale.

VPS hosting solutions can help. It offers both the advantages of dedicated hosting as well as the costs of shared hosting.

It is for these reasons that you should use an anonymous VPS server:

  • Anonymous VPS server secures your data against leaks
  • Your information is secure as there is no paper trail
  • With an anonymous VPS Server, your identity will always be protected from cybercriminals


How Crypto Friendly VPS Servers Could Help?

VPS servers that are crypto-friendly and anonymous allow users to create pseudonym accounts for domain registrations and hosting. This hosting solution offers the best part: users will use bitcoins or another cryptocurrency to pay for their hosting. There will not be any money trail. The credit card information of the buyer cannot be used to link the purchase of the domain. Cryptocurrency is anonymous and users can purchase hosting and domains without worrying.

VPS hosting servers use Digital Ocean clouds as their infrastructure provider for powering the website. To enable their users to purchase domains or hosting, they use crypto payment. This allows the user to obtain hosting at their discretion and without being hacked.


Crypto-Friendly Anonymous Web Server Benefits: What Are They?

We have already talked about the advantages of anonymous crypto VPS server hosting. Here are some other benefits of crypto-friendly hosting.

  • Enhanced Security

Site owners always want a secure website server. These anonymous crypto-friendly servers offer a perfect solution because they don’t leave any paperwork.

  • Better Performance

Digital Ocean is one of the most reliable hosting providers. Imagine how fast a VPS server is anonymously hosted on this platform.

  • No Data Leak

An anonymous host solution provider will not allow data leakage. They provide extra security layers including SSL and CDN to protect against eavesdroppers.

  • Complete Anonymity

No one knows the identity of the webmaster or operator. This is possible because of the completely anonymous hosting system. Since these websites contain fake information, it is impossible to trace the originator.

  • Privacy

Anonyms VPS servers are privacy protected and ensure that your data is never compromised. Your data can be accessed only via trusted channels and remains safe.

  • Keep Data Collectors At Bay

No more hiding data. Anonymous servers will keep you technically off the grid. They won’t even be able to find you. Your information remains safe and secure for the foreseeable future.