Why Do My Drains Smell Like Rotten Eggs?


Drains smell like rotten eggs is never pleasant. It isn’t something you should overlook. However, it can be an alarming sign of sewer gas leaking into your home. Ignoring this can exacerbate significant problems. Smelly drains are a common problem that can be the result of food and dirt build-up. Understanding the cause can help you grasp the potential severity of the problem and get your drains smelling fresh and free-flowing again.

The potential causes of the smelly drain or sink

  • Dirty Drains:

Sometimes the stink emitting from your drains is caused by decomposed organic stuff beneath them. It indicates that sewer gas is unlikely to be the reason, but grease, decaying plant debris, and rotting meat might be. To clean the dirty drains, put a few teaspoons of baking soda and vinegar down the drain. This combination will loosen up or dissolve anything that is clogging your drain. After pouring the vinegar, wash it using boiled water and sanitize the area. If the problem persists, call the professional to inspect the issue.

  • Dirty garbage disposal

If your drain has a connected garbage disposal, it may create unpleasant odors due to unpassed organic matter. Like with dirty drains, the organic matter gets trapped in your garbage disposal or stuffed onto its blades. If it doesn’t make its way out of your house, it might begin to stink quickly. To prevent dirty garbage disposal, pour a little dish soap with hot water into your drain while running your garbage disposal.

  • Dry drain trap:

A trap is a U-shaped drain pipe that catches a little water to build a seal between the sewer and your home. When a drain pipe works perfectly, it prevents the sewage gas from entering your drain by the trap and flowing up the ventilation pipe. However, if you haven’t used the drain for a prolonged time, the drain trap may dry up. The unavailability of water in the trap causes the sewage gas to enter your home, resulting in an unpleasant stench. To combat this issue, simply run the water for a few seconds, filling the trap and recreating the seal. Moreover, always consult plumbers to inspect your house’s plumbing system and ensure septic pumping in Auburn for your home every two to five years.

  • The drain doesn’t have a trap:

If an inexperienced plumber has recently done your plumbing, they probably have connected your drain line without installing a trap. However, if you can’t see a trap or the drain is inaccessible, call the processional immediately for an inspection.

  • Clogged sewer vent:

Home sewer gas vents usually are in the upward direction toward the roof and out into the air. The ventilation works only if the drains are optimally working and the vent is free from obstructions. However, nests or dead foliage created by birds and rodents might block sewer gas vents, resulting in sewage gas accumulation and leaking elsewhere in your home.

If you ever experience sewer gas in your home, it is best to contact professional plumbers to fix the issue.