Why Do People Choose Metal Roofs For Their Opa Locka Homes?


Over the last few years, metal roofing has gained high popularity throughout the US. However, the use has significantly increased in the Florida region because of the threat of hurricanes and other harsh weather conditions. However, there are other reasons behind people choosing metal roofs for their Opa Locka properties, and this blog focuses on all those factors.

Metal roofs have a longer lifespan

When you use a metal roof, the roof’s lifespan automatically increases by 50 to 100 years. However, it will largely depend on how much maintenance you provide.

Metal roofing is resistant to wind

Metal roofing has the most impressive wind resistance rating of all the roofing systems. As the Florida region is frequented by hurricanes, installing a metal roof replacement will give your family additional comfort.

In addition, as metal roofing does not absorb water, it does not develop any rusting.

It will improve the home’s curb appeal

If you use metal roofing with the most modern design features in your house, the house will look more attractive. To boost your home’s curb appeal, you can choose from a wide variety of architectural designs and colors.

The value of your property will increase

Metal roofing will not only last for a longer period, but it also will give your residence an aesthetic look. It means when you install metal roofing in your house, you can effectively maximize the resale value of your property. Buyers will be extremely happy to hear that they will not need to replace the roof.

Energy efficiency will be much better

When it comes to encountering the hot Florida sun, installing metal roofs in your Opa Locka home can be one of the best solutions you can find. It reflects the sunlight pretty efficiently, thus diverting the heat. Not only that, but it also has the property to release the heat rapidly. Thus, if you choose a metal roof replacement over an asphalt roof, you can save much on your FPL bill.

Metal roofs are eco-friendly

Metal roofs are also the perfect option for people looking for eco-friendly solutions. Unlike an asphalt roof, a metal roof is completely recyclable.

They are fire-resistant

As a homeowner, it will make you feel comfortable enough to know that the metal roofing is fire-resistant. These roofs can successfully withstand wildfire and lightning strikes.

Reduced insurance costs

Metal roofing will also help you get insurance at much-reduced costs. The reason is that because a metal roof can last for about 100 years, the insurance providers know there will be no need to install a new roof.

Final words

Even though the installation costs are quite high, maintenance costs are minimal for metal roofing. However, as it concerns your safety, you must not compromise with the quality and approach the top metal roof service provider in Opa Locka