Why Do You Need Videos for Your Website?

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Search engine optimization (SEO) and brand awareness depend just as much on video marketing as they do on textual content on your website.

In all honesty, that could be more significant. The value that video content brings to your company cannot be understated, according to current statistics, since video consumption has never been higher.

Why Do Websites with Videos Attract More Traffic?

Consumers are consuming material online through video, therefore your company should be prepared to take advantage of this potential. Statistics show that viewing a video increases a viewer’s likelihood of becoming a lead more than reading anything else. This is due to the fact that video enables your business to reach clients in a simple yet efficient manner.

In the past, shoppers might research products by visiting websites, reading online reviews, watching ads, and perhaps viewing a few YouTube videos. They are learning to depend more on video in their research phase now that it is available on all of the main social media platforms.

66% of customers have seen video content to learn more about a company or product, according to HubSpot Blogs study.

Customers will start to anticipate seeing video content from businesses in 2022.

Customers may use videos to examine how a product or service operates in practice, detect any shortcomings before making a purchase, and learn about benefits they would not hear about in a text-based description.

To help you create content that speaks to your audience effectively, we’re providing three reasons to include videos on your website by consulting with SEO Malaysia.

Reasons to Include Video on Your Company Website:

A video or numerous videos should be included on your website for a variety of reasons:

How to Raise Your Position in Search Engine Results:

Videos on your website are as important as the content! The way the material is optimized on the video makes a difference even though the video’s content might not be indexed by search engine crawlers.

Including keywords in the video’s title, description, and tags can assist improve SEO.

In addition, YouTube is owned by Google. Your business will benefit naturally from improved visibility on Google’s search engine results page.

Even if the video is already integrated into your main website, create a channel that includes all of your video material. High-quality backlinks and information about your website are provided by the channel and videos.

Display Your Company’s Brand, Products, Services, and Personality:

A wonderful method to personalize your business and establish a connection with website visitors is through video. The development of relationships and trust includes this link. A video can help close the trust gap between consumers and the brands they buy from.

Videos provide the message that you have faith in your products or service. A subliminal trust signal is formed between your brand and the consumer even when a video is not being watched. Because of this, having a video for your services or products is a terrific method to evoke feelings in your target market and encourage people to get in touch with you.

Be Unique Among Your Competition:

Although many organizations are still unaware of the value of video, this window of opportunity is rapidly closing. Your competitors may take advantage of the opportunity to surpass you in search results and brand messaging as more businesses become aware of the effectiveness of online video marketing.

You may reach new website visitors with videos and leave a lasting impression by planning everything with an SEO expert Malaysia.

A website’s video complements its static material, making the user’s visit more interesting. With the aid of videos, creating long-lasting relationships with website visitors is simple.

Compared to the written information on your competitor’s website, viewers are more likely to recall your video. Your clients have the chance to share your material on their social media platforms when you consider the fact that video links are simple to distribute.

Can You Put Videos from Youtube on Your Website?

It is strongly advised to utilize YouTube for your videos because it is owned by Google and is already the second most popular search engine online.

You may embed playlists from your YouTube channel on your WordPress website by adding several plug-ins to the backend admin. The YouTube plug-in itself is excellent since it offers a lot of flexibility and control.

Which Kinds of Videos You May Create for the Website?

Utilize all available video media for your company. Every form of video needs to convey a distinct message. There are a few possibilities that every business may use as promotional materials to their advantage.

Company Intro:

Consider this a time to introduce yourself to your clients, explain what your company does, and explain WHY they should choose you over your rivals. Think of it as a brief internet advertisement similar to a TV commercial. A video like this is frequently best displayed on the front page of the website.

Services and Goods:

Although TV and billboard advertising is expensive, commercials and advertisements are a part of everyday life. Online videos don’t have to fit into a particular time slot, length, or style on your website or YouTube channel.

Client Testimonials:

The specific interactions a consumer has with your business speak loudly. Consumers are more inclined to believe what their peers have to say than what a salesperson has to say, so a good testimonial video that features your client is going to get more positive feedback than a photo with the text, “I liked my experience with Company XYZ,” will.


With so many lesson videos available on YouTube, who wants to read a lengthy instruction manual? Online resources make many “how to” inquiries easily accessible. Instead of increasing the number of views on an amateur YouTube channel, optimize the online videos of your firm to address issues unique to it. Your videos may be well received, which might provide your business the chance to draw in new customers.

Things You Must Avoid When Creating Website Videos:

When creating a video for your website, there are undoubtedly some things you should avoid. Keep in mind that the objective is to provide interesting content that elicits the right emotional response from your audience.

The following advice will help you avoid producing a video that undermines your marketing plan:

Keep It Brief and Straightforward:

Make sure you can cover all the important material in your video in the allowed time. Avoid extending your screen time too much because it could detract from viewing. Divide your message into several videos if it will take more time to cover it in one video.

Keep Your Audience Interested:

Keep the video engaging. This will increase participation and help you communicate your point. A dull video won’t hold viewers’ attention, and they will lose interest or stop watching.

Script Your Shoot:

This will assist in keeping your message and video on course. Having a script will help you stay on topic, even if you are an authority on the subject. This will boost the voice actor’s or video presenter’s confidence and enable them to avoid embarrassing pauses and gestures during videoing.

Avoid Over-Promoting Your Company:

Your message and marketing efforts will be less effective without a call to action in your video. Present a call-to-action that emotionally engages your audience and motivates them to take action to ask them to finish the cycle!

But be cautious; if you advertise your company too much, you risk turning off potential clients by trying to sell them too much. Keep your writing clear and concise.