Why Investing in an Eco-friendly Latex Mattress is a Smart Decision?

organic latex mattress
organic latex mattress

Organic latex is manufactured from the sap extracted from rubber trees. The manufacturing process is environmentally sustainable and the product is free from any chemicals, pesticides, synthetics, or herbicides. The rubber sap used to make organic latex is extracted in a sustainable process from rubber trees grown in plantations.

Why is Latex Eco-Friendly?

The technique used for extracting the sap from rubber trees is such that the tree does not need to be cut down in order to obtain latex. This ensures that the production of latex does not contribute to deforestation. Instead, latex is extracted by carefully cutting open a bark of the rubber tree to allow the white, milky sap to flow out without causing any permanent damage to the tree itself.

A typical rubber tree can yield the latex-producing sap for more than thirty years, making latex one of the most sustainable raw materials in the world. Even when the trees are finally harvested, the land left behind can be immediately replanted, and the resultant rubber-wood is used to make furniture. Apart from that, being completely natural in its origins, latex is also biodegradable. This makes it a favorite among environmentally conscious consumers.

Why Should You Buy an Organic Latex Mattress?

In recent years, organic latex mattresses have gained great popularity among consumers. This is because the primary purpose of a mattress is to allow you to have a restful and comfortable sleep at night, cocooned in a safe and hygienic environment. An organic latex mattress can offer you that, and so much more!

Some reasons why you should consider buying an organic for your bedroom have been mentioned below.

  • Excellent Support and Firmness

Latex provides the ideal balance of firmness and pliability. This means that the mattress is soft enough to be comfortable yet firm enough to provide you with adequate spinal support for the entirety of the night. The mattress is supple enough to easily mold itself to the shape of your body. At the same time, this mattress will provide support to all the pressure points of your body while ensuring that your spine does not feel any undue stress.

  • Hypoallergenic Properties

Organic latex does not provide a suitable environment for the growth of mold, mildew, dust mites, and other common allergens. It has antibacterial and anti-microbial properties and is resistant to water. Moreover, it does not contain any harmful chemicals such as pesticides and flame-retardants which could trigger allergies in individuals. As a result, organic latex mattresses are ideal for people with sensitive skin or respiratory issues.

  • Free of Harmful Chemicals

Mattresses made from synthetic materials often contain a variety of toxic chemicals such as pesticides, flame retardants, and perfumes. However, this is not the case with organic latex mattresses which are made using natural and healthy materials and are entirely free of chemicals such as flame retardants and pesticides. Hence, these mattresses do not emit harmful fumes during the night which could cause health problems in human beings.

  • Environmentally Sustainable

Organic latex mattresses are made from the sap of rubber trees grown without any chemical pesticides. Moreover, these mattresses are completely biodegradable and do not cause deforestation when manufactured. As a result of these factors, latex mattresses cause no harm to the environment and are favored by modern, environmentally conscious consumers. They can also be recycled, which is another reason why they are considered sustainable.

  • Durable and Resilient

A mattress is a reasonably expensive product. Therefore, it is essential for mattresses to be durable, as frequent replacements can be troublesome for the consumer. Organic latex mattresses can withstand much wear and tear without sustaining a lot of damage. Latex also has natural resilience, which allows the mattress to instantly return to its former shape after being compressed. A latex mattress manufactured by a reputed company or brand will also come with a long warranty period.

  • Extremely Airy and Breathable

An organic latex mattress is very breathable because it allows the air to flow freely through it. The cell structure of a latex mattress is such that it encourages the natural flow of air. As the air passes through a latex mattress, any heat trapped between its layers is allowed to escape into the ether, which lowers the temperature. Hence, on an organic latex mattress, you can enjoy a cool and comfortable sleeping environment every night.

  • Healthy and Comfortable

Organic latex is a material that is breathable, free of chemicals, optimally firm, and inhospitable to mold and dust mites. All these factors combine to ensure that these are some of the most healthy and hygienic mattresses available in the market. Being extremely comfortable, it allows you to get sufficient sleep at night, which, in turn, will help improve your mental and physical health.

In Conclusion

These are some of the major benefits of organic latex mattresses. For the best results, you should only purchase a mattress manufactured by a trusted and reputed company which has the required certifications and only uses organic raw materials.