Luxury duplex flats in Zirakpur

Apartment dwellers and homeowners are expressing their preference for green, eco-friendly spaces, and entire neighbourhoods attempt to replace greyness with greenness. “Go green” is here to stay, and concrete jungles are on their way out.

Developers call this trend the new ‘eco-literacy’ in the development of a property, with apartment owners attaching a premium for green space; real estate experts believe that this is becoming almost as important as equipping buildings with the trendiest amenities.
It is not right anymore to build conventionally, and the developers have no choice but to comply with this demand for green buildings. Luxury duplex flats in Zirakpur also feature eco-friendly, sustainable designs.

This penchant for eco-friendliness shows up in various ways like non-toxic paint, solar panels, minimalist landscaping, spaces filled with trees, sustainable building materials, etc. And developers are thinking of out-of-the-box ideas to be truly green.

India’s property market has never experienced this diversity, providing green villas, sky condos, and intelligent homes by developers and architects who focus on eco-friendly projects for appealing to second homeowners and young investors, especially the growing tribe of HNI’s (High Net-worth Individuals).

Homes built with traditional materials, featuring cutting-edge technology, and housed in scenic locales are much in demand. Re-connecting with nature has become a top priority among buyers of luxury homes. There is rising demand for sustainable luxury homes, also called eco-homes.

An eco-home is a paradigm for sustainability, serving the needs of occupants without sacrificing resources of the next generation. Eco-homes are not simply for the present generation; they are constructed for children, grandchildren, and the following future generations. More than ever, having an eco-friendly home that minimizes pollution and conserves resources is critical.

The following are sustainable features one can include in the house for the future:

Superior Lighting
One must replace traditional incandescent bulbs with LED lights which are energy efficient. Traditional lights waste lots of power, but LED lights to save energy, last 25 times longer, and are the best alternative.

Smart Thermostat
New technology devices like these can save much energy and detect occupancy and adjust the apartment’s temperature accordingly. These are features of high-security flats in Zirakpur.

Home Insulation
The best energy efficient state of art home heating system is useless when faced with poor insulation. It takes lots of energy to generate the heat required for winter. Hence, one will be wasting money if the apartment cannot retain the precious heat.

Appliances That Are Energy Efficient
The market is flooded with intelligent products, including energy-efficient appliances. Using such devices can result in a nearly 13% reduction in monthly bills for energy.

Organic Gardens
You can improve the beauty of the apartment by planting a selection of native plants, which can also supply one with supplementary organic goods. One can also grow spider plants if one’s home is near the highway to neutralize pollution from passing vehicles.

Faux Grass
The apartment can have green roofs that feature faux grass lawns, and they don’t just last long but also require zero water for irrigation.

Sustainable Furniture
Furniture like cabinets and wardrobes can be made of recycled wood and other similar materials. One can influence the free market to adopt an eco-friendly attitude by opting for this furniture.

Solar Panels
These panels can help one conserve energy by using the power of UV rays and help reduce energy bills. If one can generate more energy than one needs to consume, one can sell the excess back to the central grid.

In sum, going by these trends, the market for sustainable, eco-friendly homes is only set to rise. Luxury duplex flats in Zirakpur are on the warpath to be green.