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The real challenge starts once you step out of the cocoon of school/university life and step into the professional world. Yes, assignments and examinations are challenging, but getting a job that thousands of applicants like you are applying for can be difficult. You need to make sure your resume stands out and impresses the recruiters. Improve the chances of getting your dream job by hiring a resume writer to help create a professional resume that is impactful and compelling at the same time. So take a look at this ultimate guide in finding the professional resume templates to set your career uphill by positioning you as a sought-after, in-demand business asset.

Unless you master the art of writing a great resume, thriving in the fierce competition might be too stifling for you. Why? Because there are thousands like you with the same grades and qualifications trying to get a job. Now, an organization certainly cannot interview them all. Instead, they shortlist a few based on their resume. Therefore, it is essential to write a powerful and impactful resume because it is your ticket to receiving the phone call for an interview.

That brings us to the point where we address the elephant in the room – What is the best way to write a resume/nursing resume? Let us have a look!

Resume Writing Advice: Tips and Tricks from Experts

If you are wondering what goes into building a strong resume, we have just the guide for you. To the best resume formats it will help you to build a great resume. Read on for the best resume writing suggestions to impress every employer from now on:

1. Make Sure To Achieve The Correct Length

Your resume should not be too short or too long. If you go through the resume writing tips and samples, one common thing among them would be the emphasis on keeping the content short and crisp.

Do not overcrowd your resume with too much information to the point that it becomes overwhelming for the recruiter. Instead, include the vital information that you want to highlight. Also, always use short sentences.

2. Be Very Specific

Do not include every achievement in your resume. Recruiters don’t really have the time to read through all the elaboration. So, learn which achievement and accolade to highlight and which to skip. Also, mention them in the correct order along with the relevant dates.

As a fresher, you might have few things to mention under achievements. So, here are certain things to include in your resume:

  • How you have re-organised something for better efficiency
  • A problem that you have identified and solved
  • Unique ideas that you have come up with
  • New systems that you have developed or implemented
  • Special projects you have worked on
  • Awards you have received awards relevant to the designation

3. Include All Contact Details

What a terrible thing would it be if you did impress the recruiter, but they cannot get back to you because they have your contact details wrong? Ugh, that’d be such a waste! So, make sure to include the correct contact details, along with your complete address. Align the details to the top left corner of your resume. Below is a sample of how to state your mobile number, email ID, along with the complete address.

4. Highlight Your Skills

Use the resume builder not just to offer information but also to highlight that you possess the essential skills required for the job. Then again, remember to highlight only the skills that have something to do with your designation.

For example, when you apply for a job in the finance department, do not write about your part-time job at the department store unless you were handling the cash and payments. And use bullet points to highlight your skills to draw the employer’s attention to each skill at a time.

5. Make It Readable

Most blogs that offer resume making tips will tell you what information to present, skipping the importance of how to present info in a resume. However, readability is a crucial factor when it comes to resumes because most recruiters choose to ignore a haphazardly written resume.

Other than keeping it short yet comprehensive, make it a point to present it well. Now, how to write a powerful resume that is easy on the eyes, too? Use simple fonts that make it easy for the recruiters to know what they need to know about you. You can use bullets and pointers for information that you want to highlight. Another excellent way to draw attention is by using italics and bold for long sentences.

6. Make It Error-Free

Do you think someone will find you capable enough if your resume is infested with silly grammatical errors? Even before your qualifications and skills, recruiters are looking for candidates who aim for perfection. Therefore, sloppy writing is a big NO-NO.

Also, do not copy content explicitly from resume samples. Plagiarism and grammatical errors will show you in a poor light, and that’s the last thing you want. So, make sure that the content in your resume is grammatically sound and not too cliché.

7. Include A Cover Letter

Most freshers make the rookie mistake of skipping the cover letter. However, the cover letter is what makes the first impression on a recruiter. A cover letter serves as the preamble to your resume, telling the employer why you are tailor-made for the job.

Keep the tone confident yet polite. Since a cover letter should not be more than a page, learn how to weed the critical information from the unnecessary ones. Finally, end your cover letter politely, gently nudging the reader to take action.

To wrap it up,

Your resume has the power to make or break your career. Keep in mind that your resume plays a vital role in getting you the interview call you are waiting for impatiently. So, do not just put together a resume without putting much thought into it. Use your resume to unlock your way towards the final interview, impressing the recruiter with your skills and qualifications.

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