Why Medical Students Are on High-Demand in UK?


Whether you’re thinking about studying medicine in the UK or you’ve already gotten started and want to learn more about it. Learn more about studying medicine in the UK with articles on salary, employment prospects, and other topics.

What is required to become a physician in the UK?

In the UK, becoming a doctor requires attending college and finishing a five-year program (whizstorm, 2022). Before getting hired, you must do a two-month internship after graduating. A further three years of university postgraduate study are required to obtain a doctorate of medicine. Although the UK has an excellent healthcare system, is the study in the UK justified? 

Due to the great demand for doctors and the excellent compensation that comes with being a medical doctor, it may seem like a good idea for medical students in the UK to study medicine in the UK. However, there are certain nations with superior healthcare systems, including America and Canada. One drawback of studying medicine in the UK is that tuition is frequently the student’s responsibility.

Is there a sufficient need for physicians in the UK?

The UK is currently in the process of changing from its homegrown healthcare system to one that is recognized internationally. To build a more globalized system, the UK has implemented numerous restrictions, such as forcing foreign physicians to pass the MCQ exam before being permitted to practice in England. Some, however, believe that this could be a risky course of action. In the UK in 2016, there were 41,000 doctors and 33,848 medical students. This is a 9:1 ratio. Worldwide, there is a huge demand for medical professionals and students. In Europe, the UK has the most medical graduates per capita. In the UK, we spend two years in school followed by five years of practice following graduation.

What is the UK healthcare system like?

Although there are some distinctions, healthcare in the UK and the US are similar. For instance, there is no health insurance and everyone has access to free healthcare in the UK. The requirement that all medical students work in rural hospitals for at least three years makes sense regarding medical education in the UK. One of the world’s largest marketplaces for pharmaceuticals is the United Kingdom. Hospitals in the UK have, nevertheless, undergone a significant transformation.

Hospitals are increasingly managed more like companies and less like places to give medical care to ensure that patients are getting the best care possible. This implies that access to healthcare is no longer a given and that patients must now establish their need for assistance before receiving it.

There are more options for people who desire to study medicine in the UK

These are not the only things that should be taken into account before applying to a program in the UK; there are many more chances for individuals who want to study medicine there. When deciding on a healthcare career, variables including the cost of living, employment opportunities, and studying abroad can all be crucial. There are alternative possibilities if you’re considering studying medicine in the UK. For instance, you can look at a UK institution that offers general degrees or online courses if you want to study medicine but would like a more flexible approach to your academic schedule. Students can even hire Cheap Essay Writers Uk to get help with their assignments.

The pay and job prospects for doctors in England

Because of the higher pay and consistent job prospects in the United States, many doctors are moving here from the United Kingdom and other countries. The English government does not pay resident doctors a salary comparable to what they would get in the United States. Doctors who are already in England can either apply through a program that assists them in finding employment or work part-time. There is no assurance of either a job or a wage for aspiring doctors in the UK. For medical students in the UK, it’s not only about the money; it’s also about the lifestyle and future chances that come with studying medicine in England. Students can also provide Medical Essay Help to other students to earn extra money.

You shouldn’t be shocked if you’re truly underpaid in a nation with an unstable or slowly developing economy because salaries are significantly higher there. In light of this, PayScale has provided the average earnings for a few healthcare occupations in the US as follows:

  • Registered Nurse (RN) – 63,300 USD/year
  • Dentist – 130,800 USD/year
  • Pediatrician – 149,300 USD/year
  • Family doctor/physician – 184,100 USD/year
  • Neurologist – 209,300 USD/year
  • Oncologist – 259,000 USD/year

Even though these salaries are very high, bear in mind that we are discussing employment in the US, one of the world’s economic superpowers. You should be aware that as you get more experience and distinguish yourself from other doctors, your compensation will increase with time.

Other medical job options

This justification, though frequently disregarded, is one of the strongest. You will have many options for future employment in the medical area after graduation. You have a wide range of options because there are more than 60 specialties available.

Every objective you set out to achieve has a purpose (ER, 2020). You have the option of working in research labs, hospitals, other healthcare institutions, or other professional disciplines’ medical departments. Graduates of medical schools work in economic sectors managing health care expenses, or they contribute to the legal work aimed at proving medical mistakes and defending patients’ rights.

There is a great demand for doctors

The world requires more physicians. The World Health Organization (WHO) predicted in 2013 that there would be a shortage of 14.5 million medical professionals in low- and middle-income nations by the year 2030, according to the Telegraph.

In nations like the United States, there is a significant demand for healthcare personnel. By 2028, the Bureau of Labor Statistics projects that the employment of nurses and physicians will increase by 7 to 12 percent.

In comparison to other continents like Asia or Africa, the situation in Europe is tolerable, yet some nations have a greater demand for doctors than others.

The policies of Europe reflect this. Many EU nations that have prohibited or limited the employment of foreign nationals do not apply this ruling to doctors. Since there is such a great need for healthcare experts, many medical students get employment right after graduation.


The field of medicine as a whole is in decline, not just the universities in the UK. The NHS is underfunded, and it appears that we have forgotten how to conduct independent research while keeping an eye on patients. Medical students will be all too aware of the fact that they are picking up a forgotten talent.


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