Why Quincy, Illinois Wedding Photography Had Been So Popular Till Now?


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Quincy is a town of about 12,000 people located on Interstate 72 and Interstate 57 about halfway between Chicago and St. Louis in Illinois. It is the county seat of Adams County and it is known for its historic downtown, as well as its proximity to the Mississippi River. Its attractions include:

• Its history – Quincy has been home to many historic events, including the construction of a trading post in 1836 that has grown into modern-day Quincy, the construction of an iron-making blast furnace to manufacture quality weapons for American troops during the Civil War, and other notable industries.

• The Falls of the Mississippi River – The city is at the confluence of the Mississippi and Illinois rivers. It is also adjacent to the site where the Great Flood of 40 years ago caused a dam to fail and inundated much of downtown.

• The University of Illinois – The university, which was founded in 1867, is located in nearby Champaign-Urbana. It has a major medical center and a campus with about 25,000 students. This creates jobs in Quincy. It also attracts students to the area, who then become a part of Quincy.

• A new movie theater – The city has a brand new 10-screen movie theater that features the latest releases, as well as its own arcade. The theater was opened in December of 2015. It offers many family-friendly films and is also great for couples looking for a place to relax or go out on the town.

With its strong sense of community and its rich history, it’s not surprising that Quincy has hosted numerous weddings over the years.

But why Quincy, Illinois Wedding Photography?

It’s not just the beautiful towns that make up the county of Adams. It’s also its rich history. One of the reasons so many couples choose to start their own lives together in QP is because Quincy offers so much to do and see. The historic sites and the historical novel sights make it a destination wedding destination for couples looking to find a place for a meaningful marriage ceremony or perhaps for an anniversary celebration.

The city has a strong sense of community. There are parks located throughout the area, as well as in the downtown area itself. The parks offer a place for families to gather, and couples who want to get away from distractions during their wedding day can choose to have their marriage ceremony at one of the many parks located around Quincy.

These parks provide areas for children to let out some energy, too, and there are plenty of areas for families to sit together comfortably as they watch the wedding go on in front of them.

There are also many historic sites located throughout the area, so couples who want to have Quincy, Illinois Wedding Photography that reflects their appreciation for history can find places to do so.

Parkview Manor is just a few minutes from downtown and it is the site of Abraham Lincoln’s speech in 1858. Located on the site is a museum that contains many documents from the Civil War. It is open to the public and can be visited any time of day.

Quincy has a beautiful downtown, too. There are several shops and restaurants located throughout, as well as several museums. These include:

• The Quincy Museum of History – A museum that contains many artifacts from Quincy’s past and also explains historical facts about Adams County