Why RV Maintenance Is Important


RV trailer maintenance is an essential component of RV ownership. By properly maintaining your RV, you can avoid costly failures and save hundreds of dollars in repair expenses.

Even if you have RV supplies and tools on board necessary for emergency repairs while you’re on the road or while camping, your RV breaking down and you repairing it are no way to spend your RV trip.

Below are the top reasons you should properly maintain your RV.

Extend Your RV’s Life
Several RV problems can be avoided by simply following the recommended maintenance schedule. Maintaining the electrical system, roof, holding tanks, and other components on a regular basis can help you avoid costly repairs. Preventive RV maintenance saves engine and component wear and tear, extending the life of your vehicle.

Increase Safety
Regular maintenance lowers the chances of a breakdown, and your RV will be in excellent shape, ready for the road at all times.

Turn signals, tires, wheels, and propane gas detectors are just some of the things you should regularly check to make sure you and other motorists on the road are safe from harm and accidents.

Reduce Repair Costs
Regular maintenance will cost you, but emergency repairs will cost you more. Compared to repair expenses, maintenance is quite inexpensive.

When you overlook maintenance, minor issues might arise, which can escalate into serious issues if you ignore them. Regular vehicle maintenance allows you to check for indicators of small issues such as cracks, leaks, and excessive wear and tear.

RV Repair Supplies You Should Have
Professional RV repair, even for small concerns, can quickly eat into your trip budget. While finding a dependable and trustworthy RV mechanic is certainly possible, there is a lot of work you can perform yourself if you have the necessary tools.

Some of the essential RV supplies you’ll need to do basic motorhome repairs are the following:

WD-40 Multi-Use
General-purpose WD-40 might be the most cost-effective and handy RV repair tool to keep on hand. It not only lubricates and loosens even the stickiest dirt and residues, but it also functions as a corrosion inhibitor and protects against moisture, which can quickly destroy RVs. It also leaves behind a transparent layer that repels dirt.

Roof Sealant
If your roof develops a leak, you’ll want to be able to fix it as soon as possible. There’s nothing like water damage to bring your journey to a premature end.

Make sure you have an RV roof sealer on board at all times. It is your best protection against a leaky roof. It’s also useful for roof-top air conditioning maintenance and sewage vent fan repairs.

Tool Kit
While you can’t tell all of the problems you’ll face on the road, you can take efforts to be ready for anything.

Having a basic toolset on board will go a long way toward making your RV crisis-proof. It will help you address problems, even if temporary. Get a tool kit with basic tools like a wrench, hammer, or pair of pliers.

Spare Tire
Flat tires happen at random and are out of your control. If you keep a spare tire in your RV at all times, you can replace your tires immediately and not have to worry about being stranded on the road.

Traveling with a spare tire is a very basic rule of the road, but don’t forget the jacks and other tools you’ll need to put the spare on. A basic tire repair kit can help, but you’ll definitely need a lug wrench to install the spare.

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