Why Sandwich Panels are Preferred for Cold Room Constructions in Pakistan

Sandwich panels

Sandwich panels come with multiple benefits for building owners and manufacturers to ensure the safety of their products stored. Knowing the pros and cons of sandwich panels is important because they comprise a vital part of walls and roofs in large buildings. The cost of sandwich panels can differ according to the type of building and cold room requirements.

What are sandwich panels made of? What are their applications and benefits for cold rooms in Pakistan? These are some important questions we are going to seek answers to in this post.

But before we dive deeper into the benefit of sandwich panels for cold rooms, let us describe what sandwich panels are and why they are used in roof construction frequently in Pakistan.

Sandwich Panel Defined

The first thing that comes to mind after reading about this product is what is meant by a sandwich panel. These panels are also known as composite panels; they constitute an indispensable part of building material that is used significantly in two categories, such as roofs and walls.

A sandwich panel has been given this name for its unique properties. It is used as a construction material that is consisted of three to four layers. These elements are sandwiched into layers as each panel contains thermal insulation, which acts as a core surrounded by covering sheets.

What are Sandwich Panels for Roofs?

Sandwich panels for roofs also contain materials that help to resist heat and fire. Roof sandwich panels also bear the capacity to have a long-life expectancy. So, this means they can withstand weather storms and save roofs and buildings from catching fires.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Cold Rooms Roof Sandwich Panels:

Building materials such as sandwich panels are becoming high-quality construction materials in Pakistani and global industries. They may have some weaknesses or disadvantages, but they are always the preferred choice of most building manufacturers in Pakistan.

First, let us look into the advantages of these roof sandwich panels.

Advantages of Roof Sandwich Panels:

Using sandwich panels in cold rooms’ roofs as a material is always desirable. Here, we are referring to conventional sandwich panels such as PU, XPS, and EPS. Even though they might annoy some people due to not being so strong to withstand the extra load, they still have a great advantage.

According to the foam materials used in sandwich panels, there are some advantages and disadvantages to using them. But the good news is advantages always outweigh the disadvantages, such as:

  • Sandwich panels are cost-effective choices
  • They are easy to install
  • They are non-water absorbent
  • They provide high resistance to cold and heat
  • They are environmentally-friendly products
  • The customized thickness of the foams
  • Sandwich panels bear less weight (Lightweight)
  • Best use in clean rooms or cold rooms in Pakistan

Factors Affecting the Price of Sandwich Panels for Roofs: 

There are a few factors that help to decide the actual price of a roof or wall sandwich panel.

Firstly, the angles of a wall and how it connects to its roof are important. The design of a roof and wall angles decide the price of a sandwich panel according to its complexity. Moreover, the price also depends on the thickness level of the foam insulator used.

Two other factors that are crucial for determining the price are:

  • Based on the usage and location, the type of foam insulator is vital.
  • Number of layers used in sandwich panels

A Few Cons:

Now that we have mentioned the important benefits of roof sandwich panels, let us look at a few notable cons of these products.

Some people believe the sandwich panels are not significantly flexible to cover many angles.

Solving the flexibility issue is complex; however, UPVC eco-panels have somewhat solved this problem for the industry

In some designs, manufacturers may have to spend more money or incur a higher cost

Why do Cold Storage Rooms use Sandwich Panels in Pakistan? 

In Pakistan, in the past few decades, sandwich panels have become a revolutionary solution in the construction industry. As discussed above, the building material is the ideal solution for use in cold rooms across the country in all major cities. There are several reasons why cold rooms incorporate sandwich panels in Pakistan such as:

  • Being lightweight
  • Easy to transport or move
  • Installation is easy and quick
  • Ability to be soundproof
  • Able to resist moisture and rainwater
  • Provides resistance against earthquakes
  • Resistant to fungus and mold
  • Washable and long life
  • Perfectly recyclable
  • Lower-cost materials
  • Heat-resistant materials

Concluding Statement:

Since sandwich panels are the most desirable choice of all Pakistani cold room owners, there are many factors people consider before choosing sandwich panels for cold rooms, such as rust resistance, availability in different colors, and low cost of materials. The biggest reason for using sandwich panels in cold stores in Pakistan is that they are easy to install and provide resistance against fire and natural disasters to keep food and meat items safe and secure.