Reasons to Pick Nissan Altima

Nissan has always been one step behind Toyota and Honda in introducing new shapes and features to the automobile market. The brand has added numerous new technologies to its new models, leaving riders satisfied and comfortable. The all-new Altima is not only a perfect choice for a midsize sedan but also flaunts an all-star look if you take it out for occasions. This post will explain why you should pick Nissan Altima for a smooth ride that you will remember until you drive it again. Keep walking with us to know more!

Reasons to Pick Nissan Altima:

Nissan Altima delivers an excellent driving experience, owing to its advanced technologies and comfort features. The advanced safety features under its hood will give you a comfortable feeling no matter how fast you run it. The list is quite long, but we will cut it short, explaining the most dominant reasons to rent this model out. Let us begin without further wait!

1. VC-turbo engine:

Riders with technical minds will always explore the engine specifications of a vehicle before anything else. Talking about the Nissan Altima, it has a stronger base engine with an all-new VC-turbo. This turbocharged four-chamber replaces the old V6 engine. It can change its pressure proportion because of the driver’s requests, which guarantees the ideal eco-friendliness.

Regarding execution, the new VC-Turbo engine fosters an engaging 248 pull and 280 pound-feet of force on premium fuel. As indicated by Nissan, drivers will want to hit 60 mph in a quick 5.8 seconds. It is a considerable yet thrilling feature that you must never ignore before thinking about another vehicle.

2. Extravagant base engine:

Riders loved the previous base engine in Nissan Altima, but there is more power with the new one. Nissan’s new 2.5-liter, four-chamber engine fosters a solid 188 horsepower and 180 pound-feet of torque. While you are proceeding onto a bustling turnpike, the additional kick will give you more noteworthy certainty.

While a manual transmission is as yet not accessible, the Altima’s automatic CVT works hard to convey the power. It can withstand the task if you want to take it out for a fast and furious show. The HP and turning effect combine to give you an uplifted driving character and experience. Do you wish to drive it for fun? Consider renting it from monthly car hire Dubai companies.

3. Better fuel economy:

You might be thinking about the fuel efficiency of this model after exploring the engine specifications. Don’t think too much! It has an excellent fuel economy average. Want to know the numbers? You can expect to get about 28 mpg in metropolitan regions and up to 39 mpg on the open expressway. Ordinary unleaded gas is also suggested for the base engine.

While the new VC-Turbo engine is not as conservative, it dominates the previous V6 engine. Anticipate that it should convey a moving 34 mpg on the highway, which is far better than any other mode of the same range and specification.

4. Enhanced driving character:

People hesitated to describe Altima as a great family vehicle in the past, but things have changed dramatically now. The new Nissan Altima conveys a better driving experience no matter the surface and area. You will cherish the new Altima’s superior road handling. A more extensive position assists it with cutting twisty streets with more accuracy.

While models furnished with the standard suspension offer the smoothest ride, the Altima SR’s tuned dampers have developed a great driving character. Whether you want to hit the highway with it or run it along the street, it will always spark a head-turning intrigue.

5. Five-start exterior design:

Do you want people to cherish your vehicle’s style and exterior as you pass by them? Don’t look for another car than Nissan Altima. Long-lasting Altima fans will cherish the new model’s forceful styling. Since the new Altima sits lower to the ground, it has a far sportier profile. Nissan’s updated V-Motion grille also helps give the Altima a meaner character.

Moreover, the smooth hood highlights the Altima’s more solid appearance. Fitted with a bunch of 19-inch wheels, the SR model is among the most sweltering family vehicles you can rent. The most dazzling paint tones incorporate Scarlet Ember, Deep Blue, and Pearl White. Have you planned a ride out with your buddies for the upcoming weekend? Consider renting this model from monthly car rental companies!

Add more charm and thrill to your drive!

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