windshield replacement

It is an appalling fact that most motorists seldom pay adequate attention to the condition of the windshield of their car. As such, it is common to view persons driving their cars with chips littered over the glass of their car. Worse still, cracks may penetrate the inner layer of glass. So, many will ignore the need for repair or windshield replacement.

Most of the time, such negligence arises due to ignorance. If all car owners fully understand the importance of car windscreens, they will devote the right care and concern that it deserves. The windscreen of the car is responsible for protecting passengers against accidents involving stones, debris, dirt, heavy winds, and collisions. It helps in rendering structural integrity of the car, proper visibility for safe driving, and facilitating the proper deployment of airbags.

Thus, damage to the windscreen is no trivial matter. There are two kinds of damage that must be dealt with professionally: chips and cracks.


If cracks develop at the edge of the windscreen, there arises the need for total replacement of car windscreen. It is also a necessity in case the layer of polyvinyl butyral of the windscreen has been damaged. The loss of structure caused by a windshield crack is very great, because of which getting it simply repaired is not the right decision.

Getting repairs for your cracked windscreen glass can compromise its integrity. However small the damage due to crack on windscreen might seem, the structural loss caused by it is highly risky and endangers the life of occupants of the car. Hence, one must leave the work of windscreen replacement to professionals.

Chips that cannot be repaired

All chips on the windscreen cannot be repaired. In case damage caused by a chip exceeds 40mm in diameter, simple repairs cannot suffice, and replacement of car windscreen is required. 

Additionally, when chip damage impacts both layers of the glass, replacement is ideal. When there are more than 2 chips also, repair becomes meaningless.

Anything more than 2 chips demands the replacement of glass. In case the windscreen is littered with several chips, it is best to get a replacement of the windscreen. Chip repair is not the proper solution when damage is in the line of sight of the driver. In such scenarios, it is good to go in for windscreen replacement or one will risk compromising the integrity of the windscreen.

Improper installation

One indication that windscreen glass was not installed properly is by hearing an unusual ‘whooshing sound’ while driving the car, even with closed windows. In case one hears rattling sounds when one is driving on a rocky, bumpy road, even this could indicate improper installation of the windscreen.

Other signs of improper installation of car glass are light distortion, wavy patterns on glass, and reduced clarity. Additionally, if one was permitted to drive the car instantly after replacement, there is also a risk of improper installation. If one drives the car before adhesives have had time for curing and setting, it can result in shifting of the glass and finally lead to an improper installation.

Dangers of a damaged windscreen

In case one neglects replacement of car windscreen, it can prove dangerous and cause following hazards:

Reduction in visibility

When there is a chip or crack in one’s line of vision, it can hinder one’s driving since one will be unaware of what is occurring in the vicinity of one’s vehicle. Cracks can reflect lights into one’s eyes easily and render one highly vulnerable to accidents. Hence, it is a must to have the car glass replaced.

Loss of structural support

An incorrectly installed or damaged windscreen cannot offer the car with required structural support. This implies that in case one gets caught in a rollover, there is a high chance that the car windscreen may collapse or cave in, causing fatal injuries to you and other passengers.

Malfunction of airbags

An important function of the windscreen is helping in the proper deployment of airbags. However, a wrongly installed or damaged windscreen will be unable to offer sufficient support required for airbag deployment. By this, occupants of the car run the risk of fatal injuries during head-on collisions.

In sum, windshield replacement is highly crucial for one’s safety. It is good to seek professional help as soon as possible.