Why You Should Use Backlit Fabric for Your Light Box


Light boxes are one of the best ways to get crisp, clear images with your camera or smartphone. They allow you to take photos in places that are too dark to get clear images, such as indoors during the evening or at night outdoors, and they also make photography much easier when you’re trying to get multiple people or objects in the same shot. There are many different kinds of light boxes you can use, including ones that you can build from scratch, ones that you can buy pre-made, and ones that you can buy pre-fabricated with backlit fabric included.

Save Time

Lightboxes are an essential component of product photography that help make items and products look better than ever. They’re used to make a photo more visible and accurate. A backlit fabric lightbox is an innovative way to get the desired effect with minimal effort. Choose the color you want for your backdrop, and be sure to lay it on top of a sturdy surface or table, as well as a tray or box lid underneath to catch any residue in case you spill anything on it!

Save Money

Backlit fabric is a much cheaper alternative to the expensive, glass or plexiglass light boxes. Not only does backlit fabric come at a fraction of the cost, but it also prevents you from needing to buy additional items such as diffusers and filters. Another money-saving benefit to backlit fabric is that there is no need to measure the material or do any cutting, which saves you time and eliminates potential waste in your project!

Reuse Existing Materials

Ready to create your own backlit fabric lightbox? Making a light box is easy and it will only cost you a few things. A shoebox, LED lights, LED shoplights, backlit fabric and duct tape. If you have an old shoebox and some of these materials lying around, then start building! First step is adding your back lit fabric over the front of the light box. Next cover the area where the LEDs are with either another piece of the same fabric or transparent clear plastic.

Visual Impact

Light boxes help photographers and other creators to have more control over their work. To make the most of a light box, it’s important to think about the kind of fabric you’re using. This is where backlit fabric comes in: it diffuses light from any direction onto the surface below. It also lasts longer than traditional curtains or other materials because it has better resistance to stains and is quick-drying if ever wet.

Flexibility Section: Creativity

Backlit fabric allows you to create a light box of any size with various shapes and designs that can fit your living space. If you’re still not sure where to begin, try the following guide for ideas on how to use backlit fabric in creating a light box.


As far as light boxes go, they are typically a very stable and sturdy way to use this technology. However, there is a bit of a tradeoff when it comes to portability. The majority of the backlit fabric lightboxes out there don’t include any way to transport it easily because it is meant to be set up in one place. But if you’re looking for something you can set up temporarily or move around with ease, this isn’t the best option.