William Zubkoff


A highly educated and experienced professional, William Zubkoff is renowned for his acts of volunteerism and the implementation of innovative and spectacular initiatives to assist improve the public health of many sectors within the State of Florida, particularly in and around Miami. He is one of the very few current employees to engage in active fieldwork, actually interact with, and provide assistance to individuals in person. His charismatic demeanor and this have made him appealing to many professionals in the area from all over the world.

Profession and work experience

Since the summer of 2004, Dr. Zubkoff has served as the chair of the Miami-Dade County Community Action Agency Board. Since taking office, he has been gradually altering how the public health systems function, which has resulted in a vast and noticeable improvement in the way community services are managed as a whole. Prior to this, he successfully led and presided over several prominent hospitals and health networks, primarily in the Miami area. The Hebrew Homes, Mercy Hospital, and South Shore Hospital Medical Centre are a few noteworthy examples.

Educational Background

He continued to pursue opportunities to learn even after accepting multiple employment offers and finishing his work as a professional. He himself has a very advanced educational background. He enrolled in a training program at the United States Air Force’s Sheppard Base in Texas after receiving his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from the University of Miami. Later, he earned his PhD in medical care organization from the University of Michigan and his M.P.H. in hospital administration from Yale.

An applauded educator

Zubkoff is renowned throughout the nation for his engaging and remarkable classes and guest lectures in addition to his community activities.  For more than 15 years, he worked as a full-time professor in the University of Miami’s Department of Family Medicine and Community Health. He frequently attends the conferences and educational events that the American Hospital Association organizes, and he has served as a faculty member for all of their public health-related program. He also enjoys participating in seminars and educational events that well-known hospital groups host.

Community service

Professionals from all around the world honored Dr. William Zubkoff for his significant research and work in numerous areas of public health and the administration of medical facilities. From a number of concerned public bodies as well as the universities and schools themselves, he received grants and donations to assist his efforts toward betterment as a return for his dedication and hard work. He has published numerous articles and given case study presentations addressing a range of pressing issues.


Dr. William Zubkoff’s extensive work in the fields of public health and management of community health is highly praised by professionals and groups from various nations, which is a direct result of his arduous work and enormous time and energy he spends on developing new measures and successfully implementing them. He is therefore a role model for many young people who are interested in serving others and becoming activists.