Writer Green Lantern Show HBO Gets Exciting Update


Marc Guggenheim, one of the writers for HBO Max’s upcoming Green Lantern TV show, gives an exciting update about the status of the DC drama. Marc Guggenheim, one of the writers for the upcoming HBO Max Green Lantern TV show, gives an exciting update about the status of the DC drama. While The CW has been the primary home for Warner Bros.’ many DC TV shows, HBO Max is becoming a new platform for the future of the franchise. One of the upcoming TV shows that they have in the works is the Green Lantern series, from Arrowverse executive producer Greg Berlanti. Announced first in fall 2019, HBO Max picked up Green Lantern to series in 2020, with Seth Grahame-Smith attached as showrunner.

Green Lantern movie with Ryan Reynolds, the HBO Max series will not focus on Hal Jordan, but instead on multiple members of the Green Lantern Corps. Set to be the most expensive DC TV show WB TV and HBO Max have produced, Green Lantern will take place across multiple decades as they follow various heroes. While Green Lantern season 1 was ordered for 10 episodes, it has had a slow process going forward, mostly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which has prevented the HBO Max adaptation from starting filming. While it’s taking time for Green Lantern to get into shooting season 1, one of the writers provides some positive updates. Guggenheim, who co-created Arrow and Legends of Tomorrow, was recently interviewed by the fan podcast Hall of Justice and chatted briefly about HBO Max’s upcoming Green Lantern drama and what’s going on with it. While Guggenheim isn’t the showrunner, the Arrowverse producer confirms the writers are almost finished writing Green Lantern season 1.

Despite the lack of updates, there are a number of confirmed details about Green Lantern season 1. Lee Toland Krieger, a director on several Berlanti-produced shows, is officially set to direct the first two episodes of Green Lantern season 1. American Horror Story’s Finn Wittrock and Benediction’s Jeremy Irvine were previously cast as the Green Lanterns Guy Gardner and Alan Scott, respectively. Green Lantern is also casting other notable DC Green Lantern Corps characters, such as Jessica Cruz, Simon Baz, Kilowog, and Sinestro. The HBO Max drama is also creating a new Green Lantern character in Bree Jarta. Even though there have been delays, it’s not a bad thing as Green Lantern is going to be the most ambitious DC TV show by Warner Bros. Given the rich mythology behind the Green Lantern Corps, if successful, the HBO Max series could go on for multiple seasons. While the actual Green Lantern Corps movie hasn’t moved along for years, the HBO Max project will be where these characters get the most live-action exposure for the next couple of years. Since the Green Lantern season 1 finale is being written, it means once filming starts, they should be on track for a 2023 premiere.

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