Y-91 Radioembolization in Alamogordo: On the Cutting Edge of Cancer Treatment

Radioembolization Y-91 Alamogordo

Y-91 Radioembolization in Alamogordo: 

At the Alamogordo Imaging Center, we are proud to use Y-91 radioembolization, an advanced, non-invasive cancer treatment technique with a very low risk of serious side effects. The procedure works by injecting tiny particles of Y-91 directly into tumors that have been injected with microspheres called microbubbles. The heat and pressure created by the Y-91 kill cancer cells throughout the body—without harming any normal tissues in the process. More and more patients in Alamogordo and surrounding areas are turning to us as their source for this highly effective cancer treatment. Take advantage of our experience today!

What is radioembolization?

Radioembolization is a minimally invasive, non-surgical procedure that delivers a concentrated dose of radiation to specific areas within the body. The radiation is delivered by means of microscopic particles that are injected into the bloodstream and carried via the circulatory system to cancerous or diseased tissue.

Why choose radioembolization?

Alamogordo Imaging Center is proud to offer radioembolization treatments for cancer patients. This treatment, also known as Y-91 or Yttrium Y90, is used to target and destroy specific tumors that are not accessible with surgery or radiation. It’s an effective alternative when other treatments have failed. Radioembolization is a noninvasive procedure that delivers high doses of yttrium via special catheters inserted into veins on either side of the groin area.

What will you experience during your procedure?

Before your treatment, you will be given a drug that helps to make your blood clot. After you have been hooked up to an IV, and if necessary, an oxygen mask will be fitted over your nose and mouth. Your blood pressure and heart rate will be continuously monitored throughout the procedure. The radiologist will then carefully guide a catheter into your hepatic artery through a small incision in your groin area.

How can our radiologists help you?

Alamogordo Imaging Center offers MRI using 1.5 Tesla Signa Infinity LX Echospeed Plus, with a high-performance short-bore, whole-body imaging system. Our Radiologists are board certified with expertise in neuroradiology, musculoskeletal, and breast imaging.
Radioembolization is a noninvasive treatment that delivers radioactive microspheres to cancerous tissues to destroy them by delivering high doses of radiation from inside the tumor itself.